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Author of "Leading Like You Own It-
Why We Never Wax A Rental Car!"

“I want to present a case to your leadership team. I want to plant the seed of eliminating a decades old leadership practice.

I want you to consider eliminating your disciplinary system. Yes, I want you to consider eliminating Performance Improvement Plans, Oral Reminders, Written Reminders and Suspensions. The only disciplinary action that will be retained will be terminations but that is not the first option.

In my decades of leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching, I cannot recall anything positive about discipline. Discipline promotes anger and puts the focus on emotions and personalities instead of RESULTS.  I want you to consider holding team members Capable instead of Accountable.

Maintaining a Capable team is a Leadership Responsibility. Holding someone Accountable is a Personal Responsibility. In today’s competitive environment, leaders do not have time to hold team members accountable with the administrative nightmare of a disciplinary system. Each team member should be provided with their job responsibilities and expectations.

Each team member should either be hired with or Educated with the skills necessary to be Capable of meeting regularly communicated expectations.

The threatening statement of;

“Failure to meet these expectations could lead to disciplinary action.”

is replaced by;

“I need someone in your position that is Consistently Capable of performing at the expected level. What will you do to correct this in the future.”

The Accountability is placed on the team member, not on the shoulders of leadership with forms and reports. The only requirement is documentation of this discussion. Your responsibility is to determine how many of these discussions take place before you replace the team member with someone that is Consistently Capable.

Bob’s Rule #1 in my leadership book, “Leading Like You Own It” is; “If I have to do your job, I don’t need you.” Holding ourselves accountable is our job. If someone else has to do that, they don’t need us.

Of course, if there is a lack of tools or training, that is a leadership responsibility. Everything else is a personal Accountability problem. Personal Accountability is a CHOICE.

Every day, many times across America;

  • A six-year old sits in the corner in “Time Out” for a specific length of time for performance or behavior problems.
  • A 15-year old is grounded for a specific length of time for performance or behavior problems.
  • A 50-year old team member, parent or grandparent is placed on a level of discipline for a specific length of time for performance or behavior problems.

Where is the age of Accountability? I promise it is closer to 15 than 50.

Why do we continue to hold adults Accountable when that is THEIR responsibility? Why do we treat adults basically the same way as the six-year old? It is a leadership responsibility to insure each position is filled with a team member that is Consistently Capable. The Accountability is up to each individual team member.

Who would win this football game?

Team A’s roster is filled with capable players. They consistently perform at or above the expected level. They consistently meet or exceed the expectations of the coaches or they are removed from the team. 

Team B’s roster is filled with players that are constantly being held accountable for poor performance and behavior with discipline and suspensions.

Who wins? The Capable Team or the Accountable Team?

I’m betting on the Capable Team.

As a leader, it IS my responsibility to grow, develop and improve a team. This is accomplished by providing the tools and training for each team member to grow, develop and improve.

The decision to use the tools and training to grow, develop and improve is not a responsibility of leadership. It is a personal responsibility of each team member that has been placed on the shoulders of leadership for too long.

We need to stop building Accountable Teams and begin building Capable Teams….yesterday.

I want 90-120 minutes with your leadership team. I will share real life successes and failures and what led to each. We will explore these situations with Accountability AND Capability. 

Whatever you decide to do at the end of the presentation, you win. You will leave with more tools, techniques and knowledge than when you arrived. You might even be different and implement some of the practices.

different (1)

You might even shine the light on the Incapable Manager below. 


As a Speaker or Leadership Coach, I don’t tell people what to do or think. My job is to challenge views, encourage debate and provoke a reaction. I offer alternatives based on real life successes, failures and what led to each. If you leave with one idea you can Stop, Start, Improve and Repeat; we’ve had a great visit.

Who knows, you might be one of the first to improve results and morale by treating team members like adults and holding them Capable while they hold themselves Accountable.

Sadly, some organizations could eliminate their disciplinary system and no one could tell the difference. You don’t miss what you never use. This is a sign of Incapable leadership.

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Greg Gilbert

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“ Compensation and benefits may contribute to a good job but but only great leadership establishes meaningful work. People quit good jobs every day in search of meaningful work. In reality, what people are looking for is great leadership.” -Greg Gilbert

“Become so good at what you do, your competence is viewed as passion by observers.” -Greg Gilbert

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-Greg Gilbert

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I first had the privilege of hearing Greg speak during a seminar in Little Rock and immediately I knew I would be doing a disservice to my employees if I did not share with them the message he delivers. Greg brings to the table tremendous insight about leadership, relationships and personal responsibilities that demands one to take their personal inventory; but he does it with such a humorous gentleness that you’re left with a feeling of, “Wow! I can’t wait to get started!”

We invited Greg to speak at our Leadership Retreat. Sixteen (out of seventeen) of our returned evaluation questionnaires had a positive comment regarding Greg. (The one without a positive comment, did not have any comments.) Here are a few examples,  “[Greg Gilbert] changed my life! He is an amazing speaker and has a wealth of valuable information.” “Best speaker I’ve ever heard!” And “The most helpful aspects of the retreat were Greg. He was very interesting and gave me things to think about and use.” One of the questions on the questionnaire was “What aspects of the retreat did you like best?” Ten of the sixteen answered that Greg’s presentation was the best. Thank you Greg. As one person wrote, [your presentation] “is from the heart”. -L. Hanson, – Rogers, Arkansas

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head shot 3“The greatest satisfaction to a leader at any level is to know they have equipped a team for success, held them totally accountable and watched them develop. The improved profitability, customer service and morale that follow are a bonus. If you lead and live like you own it, you will know that satisfaction.” – Greg Gilbert