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Welcome to Margin Financial Group.

Thank you for visiting Margin Financial. I need to first let you know what we have in common.

Although I’m not Jay Z fan but I am a fan of this very profound statement. I did check to see that his net worth is over 800 million dollars.

We are a business. Yes, you are a business, and I am a business. I don’t care if you are an employee, self employed, business owner or investor. I don’t care if you are unemployed. Each one of us are a business. If you look at the difference between your income and expenses, that is your profit, or as we like to call it, your Margin.

Margin is good and honorable. Peace of Mind and big memories exist when there is Margin. The economy grows when there is Margin. Charity and donations increase when there is Margin.

Does You Inc. need to increase it’s Margin? Are you proud of YOUR business? Would you invest in your business? Are you investing in You Inc.? We want to help.

Are you dissatisfied with the amount of Financial Margin in your life? There are only two solutions;

  1. Change your mind set.


  1. Change your method.

We provide the tools to do both.

We serve five different options. Click on the link(s) below. 

Those that want to increase their Financial Margin NOW by becoming an insurance consultant can click HERE. This could be an extra $500-$3000 per month part time income or a mid-high five or multiple six figure full-time income. Click HERE.

Those that want to increase their Financial Margin LATER through life insurance, tax free retirement or annuities click HERE.

Those that want to improve their finances and answer the question NOW; “Who Has My Margin?” click HERE.

Those that want more Margin in their Health, Money, Schedule, or Relationships click HERE. This will allow you to receive our newsletter and educational resources on increasing Margin. Click HERE to sign up.

If you would like to increase the Margin Mindset in your company, organization, or civic group, click HERE for more information on a keynote or breakout session for your group.

At Margin Financial Group, we believe when a person becomes a spouse, parent or homeowner; they assume and accept the additional responsibility of “taking care of business.”

At Margin Financial Group, we believe in the paraphrased words of Bachman Turner Overdrive. We should be “taking care of business, every day, in every way, and working overtime.”

How we take care of business will either contribute to, or tarnish our personal legacy.

We look forward to helping you increase your Financial Margin. Click one of the links above to take the next step. Myself, Sandy, Current and Future Agents of Margin Financial Group look forward to helping you increase your Financial Margin NOW or LATER.

Greg Gilbert

Co-Founder Margin Financial Group (A partner with The Alliance)

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