Battling Average!™

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He stuck around after a presentation. He wasn’t much older than my oldest grandson. I am very seldom without words but his question deserved my full attention. He asked;

“How does an average person get ahead in life?”

I asked if he was in a hurry and he said no. 

Below is a short summary of my suggestions to the young man;

“The first thing you must do is not ever refer to yourself as average again. You must do whatever you can to put average in your rear view mirror and press the gas. Average people are overextended, overweight and over stressed. The only way to remove yourself from average is by reading, listening to, attending and watching what average people will never read, listen to, attend or watch. You must also limit your time around average people.

There will always be average people and there is nothing wrong with average unless you want more out of life. Divorcing yourself from average must be intentional; it cannot be accidental. Once you separate yourself from average, you will be amazed at the opportunities that will come your way.”

I suggested a few books, YouTube videos and podcasts that were part of my personal growth journey. We discussed some other items and we parted ways.

There is an old saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. That afternoon, I was the teacher. Later that night and as long as I am able to speak or write, I will be the student of that young man. He made me realize I must fight average every day of my life or Average will win. I must become UnAverage and it MUST be intentional and daily.

My future writing and programs will be dedicated to helping every willing reader and attendee become UNAVERAGE.

We Believe In Battling Average –

We believe…average people can become extraordinary. They can become Unaverage and accomplish Unaverage things. To do so, however, requires that we stop thinking and acting like average people. We need to think BIG and dream BIG – and we need to be willing to step out of our comfort zone. Those who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone will seldom be anything but average.

As we drive through this life journey, Average will be in one of three locations in different aspects of our lives. Average will be in the windshield, passenger seat or the rear view mirror. For a graphic of the Average American’s finances, click HERE.

Welcome to Battling Average and Margin Financial. We hope to be of assistance as you are Battling Average!™

Greg Gilbert

Put Average in your rear view mirror and press the accelerator.

Choices Determine Your Story!

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