Greg Gilbert

“I transform ordinary meetings into Encouraging, Educational Events so attendees can have a ROI in Results, Morale and Life. This begins with increasing Education, Engagement and Accountability.

I’ve asked thousands of attendees to write two items that are better today than a year ago as a direct result of their actions. Very few pens hit paper. This is unacceptable with items such as quality, productivity, profitability, safety, attendance, morale, my marriage, my health, my finances and my relationships to choose from. 

As a Speaker or Coach, I don’t tell people what to do or think. My job is to challenge views, encourage debate and provoke a reaction. I offer alternatives based on real life successes, failures and what led to each. If you leave with one idea you can Stop, Start, Improve and Repeat; we’ve had a great visit.
Greg Gilbert

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Audience some assembly required

In order for something or someone to change from their present state, some assembly is required. If it’s a bicycle, it will require wrenches and screwdrivers. If it’s a person, it will require a book, seminar, conference, keynote, podcast or one-on-one discussion/coaching.

Thousands of times every day across the country, that assembly is a meeting or conference. Attendees MUST leave with an idea on how to increase Education, Engagement and/or Accountability to receive any type of ROI. Note: Those three items are also very important in everyday life.

In his previous roles in leadership and Human Resources, Greg Gilbert spent countless hours planning meetings and conferences. He is very aware of the difficulties involved in reducing the the monotony of a meeting while increasing the ROI. Greg has designed his programs to help you accomplish both.

Greg has considered the meeting planner working on a conference AND a manager wanting to add something different and productive to a monthly meeting. He has walked in both sets of shoes.

Greg’s programs help companies and organizations have Better Meetings which leads to;

Better Results, Better Customer Service, Better Jobs, Better Morale, Better Health, Better Outlooks, Better Relationships, Better Lives.

To make your meetings “Better;” attendees must leave with habits that are Stopped, Started, Improved and Repeated. That is your Meeting ROI. This is the foundation of other leadership buzzwords such as Culture, Trust and Ownership.

When there is a Meeting ROI, the meeting time and investment cost you nothing.

Thank you in advance for considering Greg Gilbert as a speaker for your next event.

Start The Conversation and Receive A No Obligation Proposal



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What You Can Expect 

Here’s what you can expect from Greg Gilbert Coaching:
  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls, emails and proposal requests.
  2. A personal phone consultation prior to your event, so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  3. A professionally delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.

Start The Conversation and Receive A No Obligation Proposal

The Foundation of both programs; Others.


“ Compensation and benefits may contribute to a good job but but only great leadership establishes meaningful work. People quit good jobs every day in search of meaningful work. In reality, what people are looking for is great leadership.” -Greg Gilbert

“Become so good at what you do, your competence is viewed as passion by observers.” -Greg Gilbert

“My programs are a match for a group of 500 HR managers at a state conference or a monthly meeting with a small group of managers, team members, administrators or teachers.”
-Greg Gilbert

Start The Conversation and Receive A No Obligation Proposal

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I first had the privilege of hearing Greg speak during a seminar in Little Rock and immediately I knew I would be doing a disservice to my employees if I did not share with them the message he delivers. Greg brings to the table tremendous insight about leadership, relationships and personal responsibilities that demands one to take their personal inventory; but he does it with such a humorous gentleness that you’re left with a feeling of, “Wow! I can’t wait to get started!”

We invited Greg to speak at our Leadership Retreat. Sixteen (out of seventeen) of our returned evaluation questionnaires had a positive comment regarding Greg. (The one without a positive comment, did not have any comments.) Here are a few examples,  “[Greg Gilbert] changed my life! He is an amazing speaker and has a wealth of valuable information.” “Best speaker I’ve ever heard!” And “The most helpful aspects of the retreat were Greg. He was very interesting and gave me things to think about and use.” One of the questions on the questionnaire was “What aspects of the retreat did you like best?” Ten of the sixteen answered that Greg’s presentation was the best. Thank you Greg. As one person wrote, [your presentation] “is from the heart”. -L. Hanson, – Rogers, Arkansas

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head shot 3“The greatest satisfaction to a leader at any level is to know they have equipped a team for success, held them totally accountable and watched them develop. The improved profitability, customer service and morale that follow are a bonus. If you lead and live like you own it, you will know that satisfaction.” – Greg Gilbert