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Welcome to Greg Gilbert Coaching.

I’ve worn many hats. I’ve worn the hat of a telephone repairman, supervisor and manager. I spent nearly three decades with a fortune 100 telecommunications company. My last 12 years prior to retirement were spent as the primary Human Resources contact to over 2200 team members. That is where I learned the only person I could change was myself. I wish I had learned that years ago. That began my personal growth journey.

My current roles include;

  • Husband to my wife, Sandy, of 41 plus years
  • Dad to two daughters
  • Papaw to 3.5 grandkids,
  • Life Insurance Consultant,
  • Speaker
  • Leadership and Life Coach
  • Author
  • Singer/Songwriter that picked up a guitar at 50 years old.

As a new supervisor, I began Journaling in 1978 when an attorney said, “If it isn’t written, it didn’t occur.” I began journaling successes, failures and what led to each. Those decades of journals eventually led to hundreds of presentations to thousands around the country and multiple books.

My most recent experience as a Life Insurance Consultant has led to additional journals and a newly discovered key to success in health, finance, relationships, and business. It involves establishing Non-Negotiable standards in our lives. Looking back, this concept could’ve prevented most disasters in my life except one. 

This concept has also led to a new program, video series and book. These can help myself and others create a Peaceful, Predictable, Profitable, Healthy, Non-Negotiable Life.

The mission statement of the Greg Gilbert Coaching is two words.

Battling Average!™

Thanks for dropping by,

Greg Gilbert

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Unbeknownst to me, one of my programs was attended by and covered by a local newspaper reporter.

Harrison, AR Newspaper Article

Some of my articles have been featured on The Good Men Project website which receives over five million visitors per month.

Greg Gilbert Articles On The Good Men Project

These are a few of my core beliefs that make up the foundation of my presentations.

I believe “due to the economy” is frequently used in error because it sounds better than “due to poor leadership.”

I believe in Education, Engagement and total Accountability of every team member at every level.

I believe businesses succeed or fail because of the presence or absence of Education, Engagement and Accountability.

I believe every organization has “that person” who “runs a tight ship.” I believe with the right tools, lessons and opportunities, most people can plug their leaks and become “that person.

I believe the results, profitability and morale of any organization can be improved by increasing Education, Engagement and Accountability.

I believe a team never does what they CAN until the leader does what they SHOULD.

I believe it is impossible to lose Hope when we are getting better at something.

I believe in having FUN! “Mr. HR With A Guitar” was created to add humor and a unique method of Education to my presentations.

Most importantly, I believe I can help your organization. 

Greg Gilbert

This story sums it all up; Others.

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Welcome to our web site.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to sharing our message with your entire organization.

Greg Gilbert

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