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adjective: non-negotiable
  1. not open to discussion or modification.
  • If someone offered you an opportunity to try cocaine, heroin or crystal meth, would you? NO, that is non-negotiable.
  • If a vegetarian is dining out, will they consider ordering a cheeseburger? NO, that is non-negotiable.
  • If the sign below was posted by a lake, would you allow your child to swim? NO, that is non-negotiable. 

We all have a lifestyle. It normally consists of our home, cars, where our kids go to school, recreation, vacations, investments, Financial Margin and savings.

There are basically two types of people. There is nothing wrong or right with either one; they are just different. They are;

The Negotiable –

Those that modify their lifestyle to fit their chosen income.

The Non-Negotiable

Those that modify their income to fit their chosen lifestyle.

We are looking for Non-Negotiable Insurance Consultants. 

Are you looking for more Financial Margin in your life? There’s two ways. Cut expenses or increase income. Cutting expenses is limited to our expenses and is a finite number. Increasing our income is an infinite number limited only by our desire, discipline, commitment and capabilities.  

Want to make more money? It’s easy. Serve more customers and solve more problems. That is the ONLY method to increase your value to the marketplace. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your current position; pursuing your next $10 – $30 hourly position; your next salaried position OR if you decide to join us. We MUST serve more customers and solve more problems OR wait on next years 1-3% Cost Of Living Adjustment. 

Financial Margin determines our Choices and memories. It can mean the difference between;

  • A condo on the beach OR a tent at the lake
  • Spending 10% flying and 90% fun OR 70% driving and 30% FUN on your vacation 
  • A Disney Park OR the closest amusement park
  • Renting a pontoon boat, ski boat, houseboat OR going to the day use area to swim
  • Having a family outing to fill your vehicle with toys at Christmas for needy kids OR worrying about your own Christmas

We are partnered with The Alliance and committed to hire and train full and part time Life Agents to be able to:

1. Provide honest face-to-face life insurance information to the 58 million people1 that say they need more life insurance or the 30% of households in this country that report to having no life insurance at all. Many of these have mailed their informational requests to our company for our agents.

2. Create a predictable financial future for agents, their families and the families they protect.

3. Focus on the positive impact our industry has on families while participating in company sponsored events and performance based trips and rewards.

In other words; We make money, have fun and make a difference! 

Contact the agent that referred you to this site or click the photo at the bottom of the page for more information.
1 – LIMRA, Life Insurance Barometer, 2015

What We Offer!

accept icon The Product. We are partnered with The Alliance, a company that has been in business since 2002. We provide Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Life Insurance, annuities and are proud of it. There is no quicker method to improve the Financial Margin of a family in the case of a death than Life Insurance. We represent over 15 major carriers such as Mutual Of Omaha, CF&G, Transamerica and Foresters.
accept iconA Database of Interested Customers. The best qualified lead program in the industry. Cold calling is eliminated by customers requesting information on your products. We have more leads than agents.
accept iconTraining, Coaching, Mentoring instead of supervision and management whether you want to help one family a month or five a day.

accept iconThe option to build a business and residual income by hiring additional agents anywhere in the country. 

future text


Below is a recent article about our industry;

However, the overwhelming issue that is jeopardizing the very future of the insurance industry is demographic. There are fewer younger people overall and fewer of them have expressed an interest in this career area than did the previous generation. Neither the insurance nor the investment wings of the industry have done a good job in recruiting new talent.

Recently we had the opportunity to present an entrepreneur workshop for 70 Colorado State University business school seniors. We asked the question, “How many of you are considering a career in financial services, either providing risk mitigation and retirement products as insurance agents, or wealth generation as financial advisors?” Not one student raised a hand!

We then asked, “How many of you would like to own a company providing a crucial community service that would provide you with a $150,000 income?” fifty hands were raised. The implication from this single data point is that the X generation has no understanding of the financial services industry and no enthusiasm for being part of it.

Below is a recent success story from one of our agents;

One of our agents was eight days from closing on his family’s dream house. He was notified by the closing agent that an error had been made and he would need $9,000 more at closing than expected. He called on enough of our leads to set enough appointments to help protect 18 different family members. His commissions that week were over $10,000. This was not a normal week but he proved what was possible.

Is this possible where you work or are you interested in this type of potential?

Through our various contests, training and promotions, we help agents;

Have Fun, Make Money and Make A Difference.

We have leads and we need agents.

Required are:

1. A life and health insurance license in your state of residence. (We offer a discounted online program to help you pass your test and qualify to earn income.)

2. Dependable transportation.

3. Laptop and smartphone.

4. Background check.

If you would like additional information, complete the form below. Be sure and put the name of the person that referred you to this site.

We look forward to visiting with “Unmost People.”

Margin Will Determine Your Choices

Which Will Determine Your Story!

A Partner with The Alliance 

If you are willing to be coached to follow a simple, proven system AND have a non-negotiable income number, you will be successful. If your numbers can vary at the first sign of difficulty, Self-Employment, Business Owner or Investor, may not be the best investment of your or my time. Negotiable numbers lead to being broke, in debt and various other problems. 

“At first they’ll ask you WHY you’re doing it, then they’ll ask you HOW you did it.”   ~ Unknown

If you have a non-negotiable income number, please click HERE for Step 2 of the process. Let’s work together to achieve your Non-Negotiable income.

If you have never asked yourself the question on the poster below, you probably don’t have a Non-Negotiable Number.

Click the photo above for Step 2.

Greg Gilbert
Insurance Consultant