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Is this the nagging feeling inside you?

You stare out your window at work and wonder, “Is there anything better than this?” Do you ever get tired of being controlled instead of being in control of your financial earning capability? Have you ever wanted to establish your own value instead of a manager or corporation? Wanting to increase your Financial Margin?  Being a gear in someone else’s machine versus building your own? We have the solution . . .

Have you ever asked yourself the question on this poster?

Hello. My name is Greg Gilbert and I am the co-founder of Margin Financial. My wife Sandy and I started Margin Financial Group to help families and agents increase their Financial Margin NOW and LATER. We are partnered with The Alliance. The Alliance has been in business since 2002 and represents over 15 major insurance carriers such as Mutual Of Omaha, Foresters, CF&G and Transamerica.

My background is Human Resources, compensation, benefits, leadership coaching and personal development. I’ve written a few books on these and other subjects. They are available on Amazon at GregGilbertAuthor.com  

Every one of us will put food on our table, pay our bills and pursue Financial Margin as an Employee, Self-employed, Business Owner or as an Investor. 

There is nothing right or wrong with any of these directions. Each one is a choice with different pros, cons, potential and limitations.

Our partnership with the Alliance allows myself and other agents to pursue Self-Employment, Business Ownership and Investing as a career path.

As an Employee, you have a job. You are told what to do, what hours to work and the wage or salary associated with your work.

A job can end as a result of our actions, inaction or circumstances beyond our control. Since pensions for employees are disappearing, many employees have chosen to partner with the IRS and sometimes with their company as investors in 401K’s.

As an employee, someone else determines our value and there is normally a limit. The best advice I was given and followed as an employee is to do whatever you can to be in the top 10% of your wage group. This will make a huge difference in how you live, save and invest over an entire career. Many employees have no control over this. If not, you must be content with your upside or explore other options.

I spent over three decades of my life as an employee with one regret. I shied away from anything to do with sales or marketing. Big Mistake. Sales and marketing is where you can serve more customers, solve more problems and add more value to an organization. With my experience in compensation, these are the ONLY ways to drastically increase our income. 

If you choose to remain as an employee in a non-sales position, budgeting the Income side of your balance sheet for the remainder of your life will be fairly simple. You will remain in control of your Expenses but your Income will be determined by your company. You may do what the masses do. Any increase in Income will normally be consumed by a voluntary increase in your Expenses. Margin NEVER SELDOM increases. Large fluctuations will be limited to promotions if you choose that career path.

As I said earlier, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the Employee career path. It raised the last four generations of my family. You may be looking at us to add to your Employee Income on a part time basis. We welcome Full AND Part Time agents.

Margin Financial and The Alliance have partnered to allow you to increase your Financial Margin as Self-employed or as a Business Owner. This can be done on a full or part time basis.

We offer different options than the normal $10-$40 an hour or salaried employee. 

  • YOU set your own schedule.
  • YOU set your own quotas and income goals.
  • YOU hire as many people as you want to build your business, (if you want) and help them succeed.
  • YOU have an opportunity for a 5% compensation increase every two months based on performance. 
  • WE help you learn a skill set where YOU can earn an above average income.

In my experience in leadership, compensation and HR, more income as an Employee, Self-employed or Business Owner is only accomplished by;

  • Solving more problems.
  • Serving more customers.
  • Adding more value to your company.

We offer all three.

We have thousands of families across the country that have reached out to us through our first class lead program. This eliminates cold calling. They want more information on how to improve their Financial Margin. They have a problem. Our carriers have the solution. The messenger is YOU and I. 

Who will benefit from our system?

  • Experienced sellers who want to jump-start success in an established sales system designed to create more sales in less time
  • New salespeople who haven’t yet figured out what it takes to succeed
  • Struggling salespeople who want to take their game to a new level
  • Committed entrepreneurs who have a tough time getting new clients
  • Long term thinkers who need to develop long term residual income


Margin Financial Group Is A Partner with The Alliance 

How It Works!

Everyone knows that money does not grow on trees – if only it did! And a nine-to-five job sometimes feels like you have no room to grow, making your performance “conditional” on what you are compensated for. At the Alliance you have complete control over your income because you are paid what you are worth. Thousands of people are looking for what you have to offer and we are the matchmaker that puts you together. In this situation, everyone wins!


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Set up your interview NOW! Find out if our program matches your desire to change your financial life. Set your next appointment by completing the form below.

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