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We must all be doing something. Would you rather learn a skill set that pays $15-$40 an hour or one that pays well above average? Have you ever wanted your compensation to be based on the value you bring to an organization? If your answers are well above average and YES, you may be a fit for our industry.

Are you looking for more Financial Margin in your life? There’s two ways. Cut expenses or increase income. Cutting expenses is limited to our expenses and is a finite number. Increasing our income is an infinite number limited only by our desire, discipline, commitment and capabilities.  

Want to make more money? It’s easy. Serve more customers and solve more problems. That is the ONLY method to increase your value to the marketplace. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your current position; pursuing your next $10 – $30 hourly position; your next salaried position OR if you decide to join us. We MUST serve more customers and solve more problems OR wait on next years 1-3% Cost Of Living Adjustment. 

Financial Margin determines our Choices and memories. It can mean the difference between;

  • A condo on the beach OR a tent at the lake
  • Spending 10% flying and 90% fun OR 70% driving and 30% FUN on your vacation 
  • A Disney Park OR the closest amusement park
  • Renting a pontoon boat, ski boat, houseboat OR going to the day use area to swim
  • Having a family outing to fill your vehicle with toys at Christmas for needy kids OR worrying about your own Christmas

We are partnered with The Alliance and committed to hire and train full and part time Life Agents to be able to:

1. Provide honest face-to-face life insurance information to the 58 million people1 that say they need more life insurance or the 30% of households in this country that report to having no life insurance at all. Many of these have mailed their informational requests to our company for our agents.

2. Create a positive, predictable, financial future for agents, their families and the families they protect.

3. Focus on the positive impact our industry has on families while participating in company sponsored events and performance based trips and rewards.

In other words; We make money, have fun and make a difference! 

1 – LIMRA, Life Insurance Barometer, 2015

I realize in this microwave society, I only have a few seconds of your attention. I’ve kept a journal since 1978 through a career of Leadership, Human Resources, Leadership Coaching, and Insurance Consulting.

I want to share six journal entries that will correct most if not all that is wrong in our lives. Each has an application in the insurance industry. I apologize for not having the origin of each. They are from conferences, conference calls, podcasts, videos and blogs. I want you to have these whether we lock arms or not. – Greg Gilbert

Successful people maximize their talents and opportunities.

Financially successful people Earn, Keep (Margin), and Multiply money.

Structure fixes everything.

We live in a culture that is addicted to comfort and as a result, is unhealthy and broke.

When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure.Viktor Frankl

Failures act as if they had a thousand years to live. – Og Mandino  

Welcome to Margin Financial. Prior to the insurance business, my background was Human Resources and Leadership Coaching. I am very familiar with compensation plans and what is available in corporate America. This industry requires a different skill set but it pays much better than the average wage or salary.

If getting paid for your contribution excites you, this could be for you. If getting paid for your contribution scares you, please look elsewhere.

In over three decades of Leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching, I observed two very distinct mindsets.

One was the Leader/Owner mindset and the other was the employee/follower. These were not determined by a title or position. It was a choice. In a company, there is a place and need for both. Outside the workplace, the employee/follower mindset will corner the market on average, mediocre, unfulfilled and broke.

In 2012, while doing Leadership Coaching with a very successful company, the Leader/Owner Mindset was elevated to an even higher status. The owner of the business said these words; “As the owner, it is my responsibility to……….” You can remove the word owner from his statement and insert Parent, Spouse, Provider, or even the word, Adult. 

The Leader/Owner mindset is critical to success in Life and accepts responsibility. The employee/follower mindset shuns responsibility and honestly, is not a match for what we do. I say this to save your cost of the license AND my time. BUT, if you would like to be Coached and Mentored instead of supervised and managed, I’m game.

Everything I have started in life, I was probably pitiful at it until I became good, then great. Years ago, I wrote the Four Question test in my journal. Before I started in this industry, I ran it through the four questions;

  • What’s the best that can happen? – This turns in to your primary income stream that provides not only a way to pay the bills, but an opportunity to set your own schedule, increase your Financial Margin and build a residual income stream for your family by helping others do the same.
  • What’s the worst that can happen? – You pursue this, spend a couple of hundred dollars to get your license and quit. (Have you ever wondered what would occur if you found something that was working for thousands and you didn’t quit?)
  • What will likely happen? – You will get your license, make a few appointments, help a few families as your confidence and belief in our system grows. Then your income grows.
  • Am I willing to have the worst happen to possibly get to the best that can happen? – I answered yes. Read on to determine your answer.

For those who agree that helping others and earning a great income don’t have to be mutually exclusive, may we present Margin Financial Group, a partner with The Alliance, the country’s most unique family of like-minded achievers.

America’s #1 Seller of Mortgage Protection Insurance

Have Fun

Make Money

Make A Difference

Do you believe in taking time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? We do, too. Our group adventures have been described as “going on vacation with a few hundred of our friends.” Exotic trips are a common occurrence each year, as well as attending concerts, sporting events, team building exercises and leadership retreats. Regardless of the activity, agents create fun and lasting memories for everyone.

Whether you want to learn fast or slow, or work part-time or full time there is opportunity for a great income. You definitely will be paid well for the level of effort you put in. Some agents prefer to concentrate on writing policies, while others desire to build an independent agency. Some want part-time, some want full-time. Margin Financial accommodates either type of agent, and excels at producing people with the knack to do both. Either way, working as an agent with us is a very lucrative endeavor.

People like us feel strongly about giving back to the community. It is our duty to leave this world better than we found it. We truly believe in helping people and we do so in various areas and ways.

How It Works!

Everyone knows that money does not grow on trees – if only it did! And a nine-to-five job sometimes feels like you have no room to grow, making your performance “conditional” on what you are compensated for. At the Alliance you have complete control over your income because you are paid what you are worth. Thousands of people are looking for what you have to offer and we are the matchmaker that puts you together. In this situation, everyone wins!

Your Week Can Look Like This;

At the beginning, you’ll start in the field, where we have warm leads so no cold calling is required. We focus on mortgage protection, final expense, and retirement.

One day on the phone setting your appointments

Two-Three days in the field sitting with families. Appointments run 45 minutes to 90 minutes. 1/2 a day on follow-up. You set your own schedule and work when you want to work.

The Pay (This is a COMMISSION ONLY position)

The average commission is around $500 per sale and consultants will sell anywhere from 2 to 10 sales per week (depending on part time / full time status)

1-2 sales/week $500 – $1,000 weekly Annual Income $25,000 – $50,000

3-5 sales/week $1500 – $2,500 weekly Annual Income $75,000 – $125,000

6-8 sales/week $3,000 – $4,000 weekly Annual Income $150,000 – $200,000

9-12 sales/week $4,500 – $6,000 weekly Annual Income $225,000 – $300,000** These are based on the starting commission level. You can get a 5% raise every 2 months by hitting very attainable production goals**

Set up your interview NOW! Find out if our program matches your desire to change your financial life. Set your next appointment by completing the form below. Get your questions answered and get started increasing your Financial Margin

Who will benefit from our system?
  • Experienced sellers who want to jump-start success in an established sales system designed to create more sales in less time

  • New salespeople who haven’t yet figured out what it takes to succeed

  • Struggling salespeople who want to take their game to a new level

  • Committed entrepreneurs who have a tough time getting new clients

  • Long term thinkers who need to develop long term residual income

Not sure yet?
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NAA Company Profile

Required are:

1. A life and health insurance license in your state of residence. (We offer a discounted online program to help you pass your test and qualify to earn income.)

2. Dependable transportation.

3. Laptop and smartphone.

4. Background check.

Margin Will Determine Your Choices

Which Will Determine Your Story!

A Partner with The Alliance 

“At first they’ll ask you WHY you’re doing it, then they’ll ask you HOW you did it.”   ~ Unknown

If you are curious about the statement on the poster, we may be a match.

Set up your interview NOW! Find out if our program matches your desire to change your financial life. Set your next appointment by completing the form below. Get your questions answered and get started increasing your Financial Margin

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