The Sit, Stir, Or Solve Self Appraisal.

I have an idea for a new appraisal system. It can be used in any size business and it can be used at the end of our day to do a self appraisal.

Each team member will be categorized in one of three categories based on their results only. The same applies to our self appraisal. I do believe all of us are in one of these three modes when we are awake.

These modes are;

1. Sitting
2. Stirring

3. Solving

Every company can immediately improve their profitability by eliminating those that primarily Sit or Stir. I do recognize that those with a primary mode of Solve, will at times, drive through Stir and Sit to arrive at Solve, but they do not camp there. Their daily goal is to arrive back at Solve. Sadly, many Solvers needlessly drive through Stir, delaying the trip to Solve, and overshadowing the benefits of the trip.

I will begin to close my day by reviewing different aspects of my life. I will look at my health, finances, marriage, and career. It should be very easy to determine what I did each day. An example of Stirring my health would be a double chili dog with cheese fries and no physical activity.

Doing nothing, or Sitting accomplishes nothing. This should pay the same; nothing. “I’m still the same old me” is a line from a country song. It should not be our personal mission statement.

Average people and companies contain those that predominantly Sit and Stir. Unaverage people and companies like the Solve mode.

Implementing this in our lives cannot be accidental. It must be intentional. We must stop, make a plan and figure out what we can;

1. Stop

2. Start
3. Improve

4. Repeat

It’s that simple. I guess the most difficult part of this implementation is you must be someone willing to give a Sit, make a plan, and improve your future results.

Greg Gilbert

P.S. I must give credit to our political machine in D.C. as the inspiration for the Sit, Stir, And Solve Appraisal Program.

Join us in increasing Margin between ourselves and Average!

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