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I guess my writing career began in 1978 as a new supervisor. An attorney told me, “Greg, if it’s not written, it didn’t occur.” I began my journey of journaling immediately. I documented successes, failures, and what led to each. I recorded my “ah ha moments” and my “what were you thinking moments.” Those journals have led to books, programs, songs and video lessons. The “Journey Through My Journals” has been shared with thousands across the country.

I’ve heard so many comment on how they would like to write a book. I’ve heard as high as 80% of Americans have a book in them but only a small percentage will ever write a book. My advice? Write…or type. A page a day will have your book ready in 7-8 months. Make it Non-Negotiable or it will become that roommate called regret. 

This page has nothing to do with my speaking, coaching or insurance business. However, it does allow you to get to know me if you wanted to hire me as a speaker, coach, join our agency as a Insurance Consultant or purchase a policy to protect your family.

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