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Life insurance can be confusing. There are multiple horror stories such as;

  • Clients thinking they have coverage for natural death and are only covered for Accidental Death.
  • Clients having an increasing term policy that gets too expensive when the customer needs it the most.
  • Underfunded Universal Life policies that expire before the client does.

We want to make sure clients have what they think they have or get what they need. As one of our clients put it; “I want my loved ones to be able to stay where I put them if I die.”

Or as another client put it; “I’m buying insurance because my Mom said she wants to dig my dad up and slap him. If he had spent half of what he spent on beer, whiskey and cigarettes on life insurance, she wouldn’t have been as destitute when he died.

Life insurance really is more about your priorities than your budget.

Although we sell life insurance, we are NOT sales people. Our # 1 goal is to protect your family, not to sell you something. We solve problems. We have over 15 carriers with solutions for any age up to 85 and most health conditions.

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