The Person I Could Have Been

One of the goals of anyone battling average is to “close the gap.” As a kid raised on a farm, I heard the statement, “be sure and close the gap” hundreds of times.

The gap I am closing now does not involve barbed wire and a wood post. It is the gap between “my current performance” and “my potential.” It is not about comparing my performance with others.

My favorite oldest grandson recently designed a website and it had the tagline, “A flower does not compete with the flower next to it; it just blooms.” I shared with him why I loved that tagline.

A flower, barring insects or disease, blooms to its fullest potential. It takes advantage of every bit of moisture and nutrient available. Sadly, humans do not do this. We neglect, ignore, or do not take advantage of many of the opportunities in front of us.

I recently thought about meeting the person I could have become 20-25 years from now. How close will he be to who I am? I began thinking about getting closer and closer to my potential. It inspired the following poem;

The Man I Could Have Been©2018.

There’s a man I want to meet, but I’m not ready yet.
There’s health, wealth and wisdom, still there for me to get. 

I must be in a hurry, my time I cannot take.
Judging by the flame, of the candles on my cake.

The man I want to meet, I must remove the danger.
That when he looks at me, he doesn’t see a stranger.

You see, this man I want to meet, is the man I could have been.
And when he looks at who I’ve become, I hope he sees his twin.

Greg Gilbert –

As you continue to Battle Average, “don’t forget to close the gap!”

Greg Gilbert

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