My Final Margin!

You mailed a form in or called wanting more information on Mortgage Protection that would pay your home off if you died or Final Expense that would cover your burial costs. You gave us your age, date of birth, height and weight. You may have given us a code word like the name of your favorite team or dog. When you called or mailed this in, you were serious. We want to get our schedules together because it IS serious.

We don’t sell life insurance. We protect families. Our first task is to determine if there is a need. Use the form below to see if we need to visit and how quickly. One of my clients said, “you act as if it’s life or death that we get together.” My answer, “It is.”

My sense of urgency changed when I lost my first client two months after we met. – Greg Gilbert

My Final Margin

I ________________, passed away yesterday. My $__________ funeral cost will be paid for by (Circle One) Pre-paid funeral – Life Insurance – Savings – Liquid Investments – Family – Loan – Go Fund Me – Fund Raiser

My household monthly income will drop by $__________(A).

I have $___________ in life insurance owned by my company.

I have $___________ in life insurance that I own.

The total of all life insurance is $___________ before my funeral and $__________(B) after my funeral.

Life insurance will replace my lost income for ___________ months. (B÷A)

I have $___________(C) in savings. I have $___________(D) (Multiply 401K by .75 to allow for taxes) in investments.

I have $_____________(E) in life insurance, savings and investments. (B+C=D)

Life insurance, savings and investments will replace my monthly income for _______ months. (E÷A)

I am satisfied with my Final Margin  YES     NO.

I Am Your Life Insurance Policy

You and I have similar purposes in this world.

It is your job to provide food, clothing, shelter, schooling, medicine and many other things for your loved ones. You do all of this while I am tucked safely away in a box.

I have faith and trust in you. Out of your hard earned income, will come the cost of my upkeep. At times, I may appear to be worthless to you – but some day (and who knows when) you and I will change places.

One thing I ask; if you have me through work, make sure you can keep and afford me if you leave or retire. Make sure I am not Accidental Death only. I don’t want us to be apart when your family needs me the most.

When you are laid to rest, your income will be reduced by ________. I will partner with your $________ in savings and $________ in investments or I will work alone. We or I, will come alive and begin our job. We can provide a proper burial and replace your lost income for ______ years.

I will provide money to help with food, clothing, shelter, schooling, medicine and those other important things your family will continue to need – just as you are doing now.

When your work is done, mine will begin. Through me, your hands will carry on. Whenever you feel the price you are paying for my upkeep is burdensome, remember
what I can do for your family once you are gone.

If you do your part now, I will do mine later when we switch roles.

Your Life Insurance Policy

CLICK HERE for a printable version of the letter above.

You are lucky. I’m not giving up on you.

You have requested I contact you but we’ve been unable to get in touch OR we have been in touch and circumstances have changed OR someone recommended you.

Sometimes in the past 24 months, you have probably;
  • Bought a home
  • Refinanced a home
  • Got married
  • Had a baby
  • Turned 65
These are insurance events. These are events when responsibility increases. Some accept this responsibility, some ignore it.
When one of these events occurred, you either received a form from our company or were contacted by phone from our call center. You, or your spouse took the time to return the form or called our center requesting more information on Mortgage Protection, Income Replacement or Final Expense. You took the time because of a sense of responsibility. You probably had a loved one on your mind or heart.
Each of these products serve a role in case of a death in your family. They range from paying off all or part of a mortgage, replacing lost income for months, years or just preserving dignity by being able to pay for a funeral.
These forms are returned or a call is placed to our center because someone is uncomfortable with the amount of financial protection they have in case of a death in the family. Unless you have increased your family’s protection, reduced or eliminated your liabilities, this need still exists.

I apologize for the delay. We are months behind in responding to your requests and are looking for insurance agents.

Each week, I encounter someone dying before we could get together. Every day someone experiences a stroke, heart attack or cancer which greatly limits my options to protect their family.

If you or someone you know is interested in additional income, click HERE. We need help.

In the 1960’s, nearly 80% of American households had life insurance. Today, that figure is less than 50%.

A life insurance policy is the only financial product that guarantees a certain sum of money will be paid on a date that’s uncertain. That’s why they make good sense.

You’re lucky. I’m an optimist and I do believe we will eventually get together. I believe that drop in the number of protected homes is a lack of agents. We are working to correct that. I refuse to believe that drop is a change in priorities.

The delay may be caused by you not answering a strange number. I understand. We are bombarded with calls. Call our office at 870 777-1454 or complete the form below.

The delay may be caused by you thinking you can’t afford insurance or do not qualify because of your age or a health condition. These may or may not be true. Let’s meet so you can make an informed decision.

You are lucky. Why? Because your information has been passed on to our agency and we are NOT insurance sales people. We protect families.

We solve problems. If you have no or not enough life insurance, you have a problem. We have over 15 major insurance carriers such as Mutual Of Omaha, Foresters and Transamerica that have solutions.

Life insurance can be very confusing if not explained correctly and simply. Two of our recent customers explained life insurance very clearly;


  • “I want the ones I love to be able to stay where I put them.” 
  • “I bought life insurance because of my dad. My mom said she wished she could dig him up and slap him for leaving her in such sad financial shape. He could’ve bought a nice life insurance policy for half of what he spent on beer, whiskey, cigarettes and gambling.”
These two customers taught me that life insurance is not about your budget, it is about your priorities. Most will say their family is the most important thing in their life but their home, auto, RV, or boat is better insured against loss than their life.
If I’ve been unable to reach you, call my office at 870 777-1454 or complete the form below. If we are not in, leave a message. As you know, death is active 24/7/365. Timing can be everything. I will treat you like a family member.
If we have talked and you say you have it taken care of, great. I hope you received a product that serves your purpose. I hope it has living benefits and doesn’t expire or increase in cost when you need it the most.
My background is Human Resources. I hope YOU own at least a large portion of your financial protection plan. Many customers have 100% of their family’s financial future owned by their company’s group plan. This is great these companies offer this but please check to see what happens when you leave or retire. You may lose it when you need it the most.
Feel free to take advantage of our free resources. I’ve received many compliments on the resource, “Who Has My Margin.”
I look forward to protecting your family,
Greg Gilbert

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