Lessons From The Doghouse

I just stumbled on an old photo of my favorite youngest grandson playing in his dog’s house. These are some old notes from seeing this photo.

  1. I don’t remember smiling like this when I’ve been in the doghouse.
  2. Being in the doghouse must be more fun when you are seven than in later years.
  3. Doghouses are everywhere. Back yard, marriages, at work, relationships, finances and in our health.
  4. The most dangerous place on earth is when you are in the doghouse and everyone knows it except you!

Most doghouses are just like this one, there is no door. They are easily accessed. We have to normally bend down and stoop pretty low to enter. Doghouses are not like an armadillo hole. We don’t just fall in one. There is no door, key or combination. We make choices to go in. Choices, not mistakes. A mistake is something like dialing the wrong number. Bad choices lead to the doghouse.

There are many resources to keep us from or get us out of the doghouse. The most important thing is to realize we are in the doghouse or we have our GPS destination set on the doghouse in any aspect of our life. Humility and helping in the extinction of the Prideasauras are extremely helpful.

A few years ago, I read two books that have helped me; “Fully Alive” by Ken Davis and “Younger Next Year” by Crowley and Lodge. These are both helpful in the health and other doghouses. There is always help through books, podcasts, blogs and organizations that can assist us.

There is good news. As you look at my grandson in this doghouse, notice his position. He is on his knees. That, my friend, is the best place to begin the check-out process from any doghouse.

Greg Gilbert

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