What Is Your “Dreaming Dozen?”

Welcome to the Margin Financial Group Goals Page. 

Since we are in the insurance business, our first obligations as Insurance Coaches is to assist our customers in meeting their goals. If you have NO coverage or NOT ENOUGH coverage, click HERE.

Prior to the insurance business, the bulk of my career was spent in leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching. You can see some of this work at GregLGilbert.com. I’ve written some books on these subjects. They are available at GregGilbertAuthor.com

For years, one of the slides I’ve covered with thousands across the country had a photo and this message; “What Matters Is Measured.”

This is the reason I chose to shift from Leadership Coaching to Insurance Coaching. The word “Coach” means to get you from where you are, to where you WANT to be. That is why there are Stage COACHES, Motor COACHES and we fly COACH. Notice the word WANT instead of NEED to be. No coach can get you where you NEED to be if you don’t WANT to get there.

In Leadership Coaching, I had no way to tell if I made any improvement in an organization or in a leaders life other than a few feedback emails. I couldn’t MEASURE it and it MATTERED to me. In the insurance industry, if I do a good job of coaching, I know a customer will use our product and someone will benefit.


Are you even remotely curious what would happen if YOU didn’t give up?

This page is designed to help you set goals. Goals should be simple enough to explain to a six year old and have that six year old explain it to another six year old. 

The simplest goal setting method I have heard is write, yes write, 12 things you want. We will call these the “Dreaming Dozen.” (“Nothing changes until something is written.” – Greg Gilbert – Google that statement and it will take you to one of my books.)

Let’s do this together. If you want to see my goal list that I laminate and carry with me click HERE. I will give you some ideas below. You can list yours in the form below or print out this form HERE. (If you are a current or prospective agent, it is optional but I would like you to complete the form below. I want to know what you want out of this business so we can work together toward your goals.)

Here are some examples of a “Dreaming Dozen.”

  1. Disney World with my family.
  2. Private school for my children.
  3. New(er) vehicle(s)
  4. Increase our family Financial Margin to 20.
  5. Donate $300 worth of toys to Toy For Tots.
  6. Weekend pontoon lake trip with cabin for the family and pay for my entire family to take an annual vacation wherever they want to go.
  7. My Agency will have 10 agents meeting their Financial Margin Goals in 2018.
  8. Debt Free except for my mortgage. December 31, 2018
  9. Totally debt free 2020.
  10. Vacation home in _______________. 2021
  11. Donate $5,000 a year.
  12. A $27,000 week on Richard Branson’s Necker Island. 2021

What is YOUR “Dreaming Dozen?”

Now pick one of these goals that you can do NOW. Mine just happens to be increasing my monthly income by $8,000 AND increasing my Financial Margin to 20 to start with. This goal is the one that could make my other goals occur. To find out more about Financial Margin, visit WhoHasMyMargin.com

One of the greatest leaders/mentors in my career was Bob. Bob’s Rule # 1 was, “If I have to do your job, I don’t need you.” That job was different because I was paid a salary. In any business, it is not my job to hold you accountable. That is your job.

Instead, I choose to hold myself Capable. All I ask, is I do 100% of what I am Capable of doing. 80% will only frustrate me and I will quit. A kicker that gives 80% on a 40 yard field goal comes up eight yards short and the score doesn’t change. An agent giving 80% doesn’t book appointments or make a sale and the Financial Margins of the agent and customer do not change.

One of my book titles is, “Leading Like You Own It – Why We Don’t Wax A Rental Car.” Take OWNERSHIP of your Life, Finances, Health, Marriage, Relationships and your Business. Don’t treat them like rental cars. We can get a different rental car but we only have this one life.

We all know the next step. Put a deadline on the Dreaming Dozen. I don’t want to know your deadline. That is your job.

I would love to know your “Dreaming Dozen” or even your “Fabulous Five.” 

Who Has My Margin?

Greg Gilbert
Insurance Consultant

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