Welcome To The Non-Negotiable Life!

No amount of text or verbage can deliver the Non-Negotiable message better than the photo above.

This is my favorite oldest daughter. The Before photo on the left was taken after my favorite oldest grandson was born. The After photo on the right was taken after she made diet and exercise Non-Negotiable in her life. She totally transformed her health. The same can occur with our Finances, Relationships, and other aspects of our lives.

My wife and I were discussing when our daughter began her fitness quest. I thought she started in her 30’s. My wife said she started in her 20’s. The secret is in the first two words of our statements.

“She started.”

That is the secret to success in all aspects of our lives.

Welcome to the Non-Negotiable Life!

After all my years in leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching, I’ve discovered the secret to guaranteed success from a group of hundred plus year old companies that no one ever talks about. I missed it and it was right in front of every one of us.

If this sign was posted by your campground, would you allow your six year old child to swim?

If someone offered us meth, cocaine or heroin, would we take it?

Would you place your life savings on one number of a casino’s roulette wheel?

Would you place your life savings on the latest hot penny stock tip?

Hopefully, your answers would be No, No, No and No. Why? These are Non-Negotiable questions.

Your answers on these extreme questions confirm you would NOT put your health, your child’s safety or your finances at risk. What about questions that are not as extreme?

Let’s take a look at what happens when we negotiate in our health and finances. 

“You will never see me buying pants that are 34 in the waist.”

“You will never see me buying pants that are 36 in the waist.”

“You will never see me buying pants that are 38 in the waist.”

“We will never have a credit card.”

“We should probably get one credit card in case of emergency.”

“Put it on the credit card. We’ll pay it off at the end of the month.”

“I’m getting this card and transferring our balance over at zero percent. We will use the first card for emergencies only.”

See the trend?

Negotiating can lead to obesity, debt, worry, and frankly, a pretty miserable life.

With my background in Leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching, I thought I knew all the secrets to successful leadership and life. After all, I’ve journaled successes, failures and what led to each since 1978. After a year in the Life Insurance industry working with very successful, profitable, multi-billion dollar carriers, I now know the ultimate success principle. Insurance carriers have Non-Negotiable standards. Do we?

Insurance companies don’t have “Cheat Days” or “Cheat Hours” as some of us. They don’t have “Melanoma Monday” or “TB Tuesday” or “Obesity Wednesday” or “Schizophrenic Thursday” or “Accept Felons on Friday.” They have their Non-Negotiable guidelines 24/7/365. (Note: I’m not making fun of anyone with any of these conditions. I’m making a point.) 

Our company, coaching and resources exist for those that would like to quit negotiating with their Health, Finances, Relationships or Business. Most of us that are probably 1-3 Non-Negotiable(s) standards from a total life transformation. We want to help you find that Non-Negotiable(s) and stick with it.

Are you with us? Can we get a high-five on Non-Negotiable standards. We would love for you to join us on this Non-Negotiable Journey to a Peaceful, Predictable, Profitable and Healthy Life. Click HERE or on the menu to the right to sign up for periodic updates. 

Hi. I’m Greg Gilbert.

I’m glad you’re here. My goal is to help you create a more Peaceful, Predictable, Profitable, Healthy, Life. 

At The Non-Negotiable Life Company, you will find many resources to assist you in creating your own Peaceful, Predictable, Profitable, Healthy, Life. Many of our resources are free.

When I look back on regrets in my life, every one of them (except one), could have been prevented with a Non-Negotiable standard.

The Non-Negotiable Life is a concept that can replace our unsuccessful attempts at goal setting, to-do lists and New Year’s resolutions. Most of us are less than three Non-Negotiable standards from a total life transformation. That excites me.

I would love to share this concept with your organization AND WILLING individuals. 

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Thank you,

Greg Gilbert


The Non-Negotiable Life can lead to a Peaceful, Predictable, Profitable, Healthy, Life and Business.

It replaces our unsuccessful goal setting, to-do lists, and New Year’s resolutions but you must be serious, intentional and your success must be Non-Negotiable.

I would love to share The Non-Negotiable Life Program or  book with your organization, civic group or company.

Most of us are no more than three Non-Negotiables from a total life or business transformation. 

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I first had the privilege of hearing Greg speak during a seminar in Little Rock and immediately I knew I would be doing a disservice to my employees if I did not share with them the message he delivers. Greg brings to the table tremendous insight about leadership, relationships and personal responsibilities that demands one to take their personal inventory; but he does it with such a humorous gentleness that you’re left with a feeling of, “Wow! I can’t wait to get started!”

We invited Greg to speak at our Leadership Retreat. Sixteen (out of seventeen) of our returned evaluation questionnaires had a positive comment regarding Greg. (The one without a positive comment, did not have any comments.) Here are a few examples,  “[Greg Gilbert] changed my life! He is an amazing speaker and has a wealth of valuable information.” “Best speaker I’ve ever heard!” And “The most helpful aspects of the retreat were Greg. He was very interesting and gave me things to think about and use.” One of the questions on the questionnaire was “What aspects of the retreat did you like best?” Ten of the sixteen answered that Greg’s presentation was the best. Thank you Greg. As one person wrote, [your presentation] “is from the heart”. -L. Hanson, – Rogers, Arkansas

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head shot 3“The greatest satisfaction to a leader at any level is to know they have equipped a team for success, held them totally accountable and watched them develop. The improved profitability, customer service and morale that follow are a bonus. If you lead and live like you own it, you will know that satisfaction.” – Greg Gilbert