There IS An “I” In Ethics!

A Real Life, Interactive Look At
The Black, White, And Gray Areas!

Most team members are good, honest, hard-working people. They want their company, department or organization to succeed. They know livelihoods depend on their success. They know the difference in right and wrong BUT, a reminder never hurts. This program is based on decades of real life examples. The meeting will begin by each attendee taking ownership of their own company. This will be used to stress handling company time and resources as their own throughout the presentation. 

“There Is An “I” In Ethics!” is designed to compliment any existing internal and external ethics training or be a stand-alone program. It is developed from 30+ years of personally witnessed lessons in leadership, Human Resources and consulting. Growth and development never go out of style and have a great ROI for your business. 

We have received positive feedback from many clients .Below is feedback from a session in Rogers, Arkansas: 

I first had the privilege of hearing Greg speak during a seminar in Little Rock and immediately I knew I would be doing a disservice to my employees if I did not share with them the message he delivers. Greg brings to the table tremendous insight about leadership, relationships and personal responsibilities that demands one to take their personal inventory; but he does it with such a humorous gentleness that you’re left with a feeling of, “Wow! I can’t wait to get started!”

We invited Greg to speak at our Leadership Retreat in July. Sixteen (out of seventeen) of our returned evaluation questionnaires had a positive comment regarding Greg. (The one without a positive comment, did not have any comments.) Here are a few examples,  “[Greg Gilbert] changed my life! He is an amazing speaker and has a wealth of valuable information.” “Best speaker I’ve ever heard!” And “The most helpful aspects of the retreat were Greg. He was very interesting and gave me things to think about and use.” One of the questions on the questionnaire was “What aspects of the retreat did you like best?” Ten of the sixteen answered that Greg’s presentation was the best. 

Thank you Greg. As one person wrote, [your presentation] “is from the heart”.  -Lin Hanson, – Rogers, Arkansas 

My job as a speaker or author is not to tell an attendee or reader what to do. My job is to inspire and encourage attendees and readers to ask themselves four questions:

  1. What can I start?
  2. What can I stop?
  3. What can I improve?
  4. What can I repeat? 

Even a small percentage of attendees implementing the ideas presented can have a very positive impact on your organization.

Who will benefit from this program?

Any team member that makes decisions on how company time, equipment, materials or resources are used. A good rule of thumb; if they receive a W-2, they will benefit. 

 A sample of what attendees will gain: 

  • There are no situational or environmental ethics, there are only ethics.
  • Why a NFL environment is ALWAYS more desirable than a “family environment.”
  • Would I do or say this if…….? This test eliminates many integrity issues.  
  • Why ethical behavior doesn’t care if your revenue comes from goods sold, services or taxes.  
  • The 4W test of ethics.
  • The BS (Buffalo System) of ethics.  
  • The huge ripple effect on lives, careers, results and morale by ignoring ethics.  
  • The contents of an effective team member tool kit. (Note: This kit does not contain a hammer, screaming, intimidation or belittling others.) 
  • The huge impact of ethics on a legacy and reputation. 
  • The difference in a mistake and a performance problem.  
  • Why you MUST view your and every position as a Professional.  
  • Ethical behavior is NOT business, it is personal. It can contribute to your success or enable your failure.
  • Establishing Non-Negotiable ethics.

Room Requirements: Classroom style with screen and projector to be provided by client with the laptop provided by Greg Gilbert Coaching. Depending on the size of the room, a lapel microphone may be necessary.

Attendee Requirements: Bring a pen, paper, pencil, electronic tablet, phone or a piece of charcoal. Bring something to take notes. The possibility of improvement and change increase greatly if written or typed. In 1978, an attorney scared me when he said, “If it’s not written, it didn’t occur.” This began decades of journaling. I’ve changed his statement; “Nothing changes until something is written.” When I leave, I want something to change.

As you know, even a small increase in productivity, quality, attendance or safety results would be a great return on investment for this session. A sample of my clients can be found at

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Thank you,

Greg Gilbert

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