Most Frequently Asked Questions Before Attendance:
Q. Just what is a leader owner mindset?

A. It’s based on two traits.

1. Most would rather work for a leader than a boss.

2. Normally an owner mentality will make better long term decisions for the business and be a better steward of the revenue from customers, donors or taxpayers than an employee mentality.

I saw this in action in 2012 when consulting for an organization. This was a very successful organization growing many times its original size in just a few years.

After one-on-one sessions with management and non-management, I knew something was different. There was no entitlement mentality. Everyone was familiar with and totally committed to their role. It was like each team member owned a piece of the business.

After meeting with the owner it was obvious why they were so successful. Each team member had his attitude towards the success of the business. They had a Leader Owner Mindset, not a boss employee mindset. They used every leadership tool available to them AND were held accountable for doing so. This mindset greatly increases your opportunity at success.

Q. What makes you different than other training and providers?

A. There is great training out there. The worst thing you can do is not train your Managers and Supervisors. To quote Zig Ziglar; “The only thing worse than training your team and having them leave is not training your team and having them stay.”

Our seminar and keynote were put together after a request of a frustrated General Manager in 2002. He wanted to insure his leadership team had the knowledge and tools to improve results and develop others before holding them totally accountable.

Our keynote and seminar were developed from 20+ years of real life experiences with thousands of team members. It is the successes, the failures and what led to each. I am not delivering the content of others. It is mine, it will provide your leadership team with the knowledge and tools to improve results.

Here’s what will be different; your leadership team should be making and responding to these three request on a regular basis:

The Leader Owner Mindset Manager at any level can respond to and will make these three requests on a regular basis:

1. Show me the documentation of what you have done to insure each team member has the tools and training to be successful in their position? (Our seminar and keynote provide much of this for Managers and Supervisors.)

2. Show me the documentation of your last one-on-one discussion with each team member about our company culture, your expectations, their progress, suggestions for improvement or praise.

3. Show me the documentation of your last performance improvement plans or levels of discipline due to poor performance or behavior.
The boss employee can not begin to provide this information.

The Leader Owner Mindset can and will. The boss employee will not.

Again, use us, use someone else but use someone, implement and hold leaders accountable for improvement.

Q. Can you come to our location so we don’t have to travel our managers?

A. Yes. That is what we prefer doing. Our Local Seminars are really a vehicle to introduce us to an area or local businesses. Many times, one Manager visiting a local seminar has led to on-site training for entire teams and other locations.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Click on the links above for prices on Keynotes, On-site and Local Seminars. However, it will cost:

Less than one unaddressed poor performer or attitude problem costs you each week.

Much less than the travel cost of sending your leadership team to training.

Much, much less than the cost of team members perceiving leadership as ineffective, inadequate and unwilling to address problems. This is known as “Sanctioned Incompetence” and creates a culture of tolerance and mediocrity.


Q. Why do we need you? Why can’t we do this internally?

A2. You would have done it already. However, if you have the ability to improve your results faster without our assistance, you wouldn’t need us.


Q. What is my return on your seminar or keynote?

A. The ability to ask this question at any time: “Show me what you have done to improve your team.” Our attendees have the tools and knowledge to produce a document or file on each team member that reflects Education, Engagement and Accountability. They are prepared for total accountability.

Most Frequent Comment and Question After Attendance:
“This is good. Every level above me needs to hear this. Why are they not here? Why would a leader NOT require me to use these tools?”