Welcome to The Farmuary!

I want to invite you to what Sandy and I call The Farmuary. It our combination Farm and Sanctuary. It is Where We Initiate, Populate, And Create! We initiate thoughts, you populate your journal, and then hopefully you create your desired life. This complements the mission statement of our Coaching and Life Insurance businesses which is “Battling Average!”

From this land, we have witnessed the most beautiful sunsets, lightning shows and sunrises like the one above.

My family has been in the pasture during a meteor shower and witnessed over 60 shooting stars as we all faced different directions. Sandy and I have set our alarms to view some of the meteor showers.

I’ve witnessed many Firsts on this land. First time to shoot a gun, first deer, first fish, first time to drive, etc. 

I’ve also witnessed some “Last Times.” These inspired me to write a chorus of a song I need to finish;

That’s one of life’s little last times,
So let me give you a tip.

Enjoy that bath in the kitchen sink,
And that baby on your hip.

So enjoy your Firsts, your in-betweens,
As you hear that life clock chime.

Cause you won’t even know it,
When life gives you a Last Time.

kel and i fishingWe have enjoyed many afternoons and nights without light pollution doing some toe roastin’ around a campfire. This normally involved hot dogs and/or s’mores. 

toe roasting

As a kid, I spent summers with my grandparents on this land. I have been blessed to inherit some and purchase some of this land. This land has been in our family since the late 1800’s.

pond this is it

The photo above is my favorite place on The Farmuary. It a pond that is stocked with bream, crappie and bass. It is the habitat for hundreds of ducks during the winter. I have spent many mornings watching the sunrise from the bank. It is a 1.8 mile round trip walk or a short drive or bike ride through the pasture. I have spent many evenings watching the sun set with a hook in the water. Do you know there is ALWAYS Hope when you have a baited hook in the
water. Great things occur when there is Hope.

This little body of water has heard many prayers. It has also where I’ve done some of my best thinking and planning about Life. I’ve NEVER walked, driven or rode away from this pond discouraged or depressed. I always leave inspired and encouraged.

Most of the books and I’ve written began here. My songs, “What Are They Leaving With” and “With What They Died For” were written somewhere on The Farmuary. Hundreds of blogs were started on the bank of this pond.

I invite you to pull up a virtual chair. Let me share some of the inspirations, encouragement and personal development messages that have originated here. Most are original. Some are heard on a podcast or read in a book. I hope you enjoy your visit to The Farmuary.

Mostly, I hope you have a place where you can think, plan and reflect. Once I learned to do this, I can do it from any location but it normally includes nature. I pray you find your Farmuary. Until you do and even after; you are always welcome here.

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Thank you for dropping by The Farmuary. Until we can personally share some pond bank and talk about your dreams, pull up a virtual chair.

– Greg Gilbert


two chairs


Farmuary Friday Message – February 17, 2017

briar patch

Farmuary Friday Message – February 10, 2017

average addiction3

Farmuary Friday Message – February 3, 2017

Farmuary Friday Message – January 27, 2017

road less traveled 3 this is it

This photo was taken a few years ago on the Farmuary after a snowfall. As I took this photo, I thought of these lyrics from a George Strait song:

For the road less traveled ain’t for the faint of heart. 
For those who choose to play it safe and never stray too far. 
Me I want to live my life and one day leave my mark.
And it all might come together. 
And it all come unraveled. 

On the road less traveled.

Marks are made intentionally, not accidentally. – Greg Gilbert