When A Helicopter Rolls Over On Your Head!

One of the many things I love about what I do is the people I meet. One of my recent customers was retired military. He was my last appointment of the day so I stuck around and just listened to some of his stories.

He had been shot, blown up, was in a helicopter crash and lived to be telling me about it. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why he bought an accidental death policy from me.

The helicopter crash story was one for the books….or the blog. They crashed but no one was killed. As it crashed, one of his crew members was thrown from the helicopter. The helicopter then rolled over on his head where he couldn’t move. He evidently was not hurt too bad as he was screaming to get him out before the helicopter blew up.

My customer, I’ll call him Sgt. Doe, got everyone out of the helicopter. One crew member began to pull on the legs of the trapped soldier as the rest of the crew tried to rock the helicopter. As they were rocking the helicopter, one young Private, began tapping Sgt. Doe on the shoulder and screaming “Sgt. Doe, Sgt. Doe.” Sgt. Doe told him to shut up and rock the helicopter.

He complied but quickly began yelling again, “Sgt. Doe, chin strap, chin strap.” Again, Sgt. Doe told him to shut up and rock the helicopter. He complied but quickly began yelling again, “Sgt. Doe, chin strap, chin strap.” Sgt. Doe told me, “I controlled my emotions long enough to pay attention to what he was saying. I reached down and unbuckled the trapped soldier’s chin strap and he immediately popped out of his helmet, unhurt.

I was amazed by this story. I told him I would write this with his permission. I came up with many morals to the story before I left the house. 

Since this is the Battling Average Blog and Online Radio Program, I will address some of the morals of the story from an Unaverage standpoint.

  1. What is your chinstrap? Honestly, what has you trapped under Average? Is it a habit, addiction, hobby, TV, credit cards, debt, anger problem?
  2. Whatever is holding you at average, more than likely, it is something that is above your chinstrap.
  3. Not everything has to be handled with brute strength. Sometimes we are better served to use our head.
  4. When emotions are high, it is very difficult to really, truly listen.
  5. Sometimes the one in charge doesn’t have the best ideas.
  6. A buckled chin strap could save your life.

I’m interested in what your moral of the story could be? Please send me your ideas and keep on Battling Average!

Greg Gilbert

Margin Financial Group


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