A Life Lesson From Papaw

This is one of my favorite photos. It shows a competitor of Michael Phelps looking at Michael. Michael is focused on the finish line and Michael wins. Where are we losing focus? I hate to admit it, but I saw this photo on social media and it is the easiest place to lose focus.

This photo reminds me of the slogan, “a flower does not compete with the flower next to it; it just blooms.” Barring insects or disease, a flower will take advantage of every bit of moisture and every nutrient to bloom to its full potential. Sadly, few humans take full advantage of their potential or opportunities. Even with no insects or disease.

Think of the progress our ancestors made with the limited technology and opportunities they had. What would they think of what we are doing with what we have available?

What are some things we can Stop, Start, Improve, or Repeat to regain Focus?

Years ago, my Papaw taught me to plow behind a mule. He probably gave me the best life advice possible. However at 12 years old, it went right over my head. I want to share the words of my Papaw with you AND remind myself;

“Keep your eyes on where you are headed and keep your hands on the plow.”

I think Michael Phelps is doing just that in the photo above and it worked out very well for him.

Greg Gilbert

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Lessons From The Doghouse

I just stumbled on an old photo of my favorite youngest grandson playing in his dog’s house. These are some old notes from seeing this photo.

  1. I don’t remember smiling like this when I’ve been in the doghouse.
  2. Being in the doghouse must be more fun when you are seven than in later years.
  3. Doghouses are everywhere. Back yard, marriages, at work, relationships, finances and in our health.
  4. The most dangerous place on earth is when you are in the doghouse and everyone knows it except you!

Most doghouses are just like this one, there is no door. They are easily accessed. We have to normally bend down and stoop pretty low to enter. Doghouses are not like an armadillo hole. We don’t just fall in one. There is no door, key or combination. We make choices to go in. Choices, not mistakes. A mistake is something like dialing the wrong number. Bad choices lead to the doghouse.

There are many resources to keep us from or get us out of the doghouse. The most important thing is to realize we are in the doghouse or we have our GPS destination set on the doghouse in any aspect of our life. Humility and helping in the extinction of the Prideasauras are extremely helpful.

A few years ago, I read two books that have helped me; “Fully Alive” by Ken Davis and “Younger Next Year” by Crowley and Lodge. These are both helpful in the health and other doghouses. There is always help through books, podcasts, blogs and organizations that can assist us.

There is good news. As you look at my grandson in this doghouse, notice his position. He is on his knees. That, my friend, is the best place to begin the check-out process from any doghouse.

Greg Gilbert

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We Are Only As Happy As Our Unhappiest Child, Grandchild Or Razorback.

Great season Hogs. The video below sums it up. Years ago, a great friend told me, “You’re only as happy as your unhappiest child.” I’ve found that it keeps on going as we have grandchildren.

As a parent and grandparent, my heart has broken for my kids, grandkids in sports and in life. I know the coaches, parents and grandparents of these young men are hurting more than us fans. Let me paraphrase my buddy by saying, “You’re only as happy as your unhappiest child, grandchild or Razorback.”

Those of you that want to get all judgmental and negative, let me paraphrase something from a Very Important Book, “Let those that have played in a Division One National Championship Game and never made a mistake, cast the first stone.”

Great season guys. As those great philosophers Montgomery Gentry said years ago, “That’s something to be proud of.”

Greg Gilbert
Margin Financial Group

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The Sit, Stir, Or Solve Self Appraisal.

I have an idea for a new appraisal system. It can be used in any size business and it can be used at the end of our day to do a self appraisal.

Each team member will be categorized in one of three categories based on their results only. The same applies to our self appraisal. I do believe all of us are in one of these three modes when we are awake.

These modes are;

1. Sitting
2. Stirring

3. Solving

Every company can immediately improve their profitability by eliminating those that primarily Sit or Stir. I do recognize that those with a primary mode of Solve, will at times, drive through Stir and Sit to arrive at Solve, but they do not camp there. Their daily goal is to arrive back at Solve. Sadly, many Solvers needlessly drive through Stir, delaying the trip to Solve, and overshadowing the benefits of the trip.

I will begin to close my day by reviewing different aspects of my life. I will look at my health, finances, marriage, and career. It should be very easy to determine what I did each day. An example of Stirring my health would be a double chili dog with cheese fries and no physical activity.

Doing nothing, or Sitting accomplishes nothing. This should pay the same; nothing. “I’m still the same old me” is a line from a country song. It should not be our personal mission statement.

Average people and companies contain those that predominantly Sit and Stir. Unaverage people and companies like the Solve mode.

Implementing this in our lives cannot be accidental. It must be intentional. We must stop, make a plan and figure out what we can;

1. Stop

2. Start
3. Improve

4. Repeat

It’s that simple. I guess the most difficult part of this implementation is you must be someone willing to give a Sit, make a plan, and improve your future results.

Greg Gilbert

P.S. I must give credit to our political machine in D.C. as the inspiration for the Sit, Stir, And Solve Appraisal Program.

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The Person I Could Have Been

One of the goals of anyone battling average is to “close the gap.” As a kid raised on a farm, I heard the statement, “be sure and close the gap” hundreds of times.

The gap I am closing now does not involve barbed wire and a wood post. It is the gap between “my current performance” and “my potential.” It is not about comparing my performance with others.

My favorite oldest grandson recently designed a website and it had the tagline, “A flower does not compete with the flower next to it; it just blooms.” I shared with him why I loved that tagline.

A flower, barring insects or disease, blooms to its fullest potential. It takes advantage of every bit of moisture and nutrient available. Sadly, humans do not do this. We neglect, ignore, or do not take advantage of many of the opportunities in front of us.

I recently thought about meeting the person I could have become 20-25 years from now. How close will he be to who I am? I began thinking about getting closer and closer to my potential. It inspired the following poem;

The Man I Could Have Been©2018.

There’s a man I want to meet, but I’m not ready yet.
There’s health, wealth and wisdom, still there for me to get. 

I must be in a hurry, my time I cannot take.
Judging by the flame, of the candles on my cake.

The man I want to meet, I must remove the danger.
That when he looks at me, he doesn’t see a stranger.

You see, this man I want to meet, is the man I could have been.
And when he looks at who I’ve become, I hope he sees his twin.

Greg Gilbert – BattlingAverage.com

As you continue to Battle Average, “don’t forget to close the gap!”

Greg Gilbert

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