IIDY – If I Died Yesterday

“Most will say their family is the most important thing in their life. However; their house, car, truck, bass boat and camper are much better insured against catastrophe than the financial future of their family. Life insurance is more about priorities than budget and is a VERY unselfish act. You sow seeds that you will never see harvested.” – Greg Gilbert

IIDY, If I Died Yesterday, this would be my Financial Eulogy;

I died yesterday. My funeral will be paid for by (circle one);

    • A Go Fund Me Account
    • Fish Fry-
    • Bake Sale
    • My checking account
    • My savings account
    • My liquid investments
    • A fire sale of non-paid for assets
    • A fire sale of paid for assets
    • Pre-paid funeral
    • Life Insurance that my company owns.
    • Life Insurance that I own.

There was a monthly loss of income of A. ____________. My B. savings, C. liquid assets, and D. life insurance will allow the family to maintain their standard of living for __________ months (B+C+D÷A) OR no one is dependent on loss of income.