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We are all looking for “Better.” Better Results, Better Customer Service, Better Jobs, Better Morale, Better Health, Better Relationships, Better Life.

We all recognize “I’m still the same old me” as a line from a country song and not a desirable personal mission statement.

“Better” is NOT stumbled upon. “Better” is only achieved with intention. “Better” will attract Inspiration, Encouragement, Hope and Joy.

We all know, for “Better” to occur, some assembly is required. That assembly can be reading, listening, watching, a one-on-one or attending a meeting. During that assembly, attendees must leave with an introduction, refresher or reminder on steps to get “Better.”

After decades in leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching I’ve learned the secret to “Better.” It became apparent when I was the primary HR contact to 2200 team members for over a decade. The ONLY path to “Better” began with me. Nothing improved until I improved. 

I want to take your organization on a three decade “Journey through my Journals.” I have learned that no speaker or book can change my life. I have the option to use the tools or knowledge in a manner that will change my career, relationships or life.

I will share relatable lessons that can provide the tools and knowledge to allow attendees to pursue and achieve “Better” in different aspects of their lives and careers. If utilized, these lessons CAN change lives and careers. I know, I used them to change mine. 

“Mr. HR With A Guitar” will present some of these lessons in a humorous and different manner. I’ve found that “Different” lasts longer.

A sample of the topics; 

  • Why we should be “Unwilling To Settle.”
  • Are you real?
  • Leading and living like you own it.
  • Why we never wax a rental car.
  • Good Job vs. Meaningful Work – People quit good jobs, they rarely quit meaningful work.
  • What is better today than a year ago as a direct result of your actions? Hint: We are not on earth or in a job to keep things the same.
  • Life lessons from a source you wouldn’t expect; a David Allen Coe song
  • Are you a professional or amateur?
  • Why the words “Just A” do not fit in front of any title or role we play in life or work.
  • The bucket story and YOUR priorities.
  • What about YOUR legacy?
  • What Are They Leaving With? Visit for an explanation. 


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If there are topics your organization is struggling with, we can discuss and consider adding to the presentation. 

We have received very positive feedback from attendees. Below is feedback from a session in Rogers, Arkansas: 

I first had the privilege of hearing Greg speak during a seminar in Little Rock and immediately I knew I would be doing a disservice to my employees if I did not share with them the message he delivers. Greg brings to the table tremendous insight about leadership, relationships and personal responsibilities that demands one to take their personal inventory; but he does it with such a humorous gentleness that you’re left with a feeling of, “Wow! I can’t wait to get started!”

We invited Greg to speak at our Leadership Retreat in July. Sixteen (out of seventeen) of our returned evaluation questionnaires had a positive comment regarding Greg. (The one without a positive comment, did not have any comments.) Here are a few examples,  “[Greg Gilbert] changed my life! He is an amazing speaker and has a wealth of valuable information.” “Best speaker I’ve ever heard!” And “The most helpful aspects of the retreat were Greg. He was very interesting and gave me things to think about and use.” One of the questions on the questionnaire was “What aspects of the retreat did you like best?” Ten of the sixteen answered that Greg’s presentation was the best. 

Thank you Greg. As one person wrote, [your presentation] “is from the heart”.  -Lin Hanson, – Rogers, Arkansas 

My job as a speaker or author is not to tell an attendee or reader what to do. My job is to inspire and encourage attendees and readers to ask themselves two questions: 

  1. Why am I doing This?
  2. Why am I not doing that? 

Many of the topics will be from my book, “Leading Like You Own It – Why We Never Wax A Rental Car” available on my Amazon Web Page  Feel free to visit my Client Page and my Feedback Page.

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-Greg Gilbert

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“Every significant improvement in your results and legacy begins with what I call a “personal light bulb moment.” The “light bulb moment” is initiated by US asking OURSELVES, “why am I doing this” and “why am I not doing that”. As a Speaker, I am NOT paid for what I do but for what others receive. My job is to lead others to the room with the light switch. Finding it is up to you. The comments, emails, feedback and phone calls prove many have found the switch. You eventually MUST find the switch. I will provide a message that will hopefully encourage you to find the light switch through Inspiration rather than Desperation. You will enjoy that much BETTER!” Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert Coaching

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I know these lessons can provide attendees with the tools and knowledge to change their lives and careers because they changed mine.

Greg Gilbert

This “visit” will consist of 25-75 minutes of stories, life and leadership lessons, some fun with “Mr. HR With A Guitar”, some serious content and a challenge. You will not leave with the same mindset.

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I’ve always had very positive comments on my visits. I’ve always felt if I write a song and it doesn’t make someone mad, sad or glad, then I’ve wasted their time. Believe me, I’ve witnessed all of these emotions during a visit. Hopefully I can share my stories and music with your group. I can guarantee the Education. The Implementation and Accountability must come from YOU.

Feel free to check out our client list and what they are saying about us.

The successes, failures and what led to each during over a decade as the Human Resources contact to over 2200 team members provides a powerful “visit”. You WILL leave with some life changing lessons. 

Hey, what seeds are you sowing?

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Greg Gilbert

I was honored to be interviewed on KTSS out of Hope, Arkansas about my speaking and programs. Thanks to Robin Bobo for this opportunity.


I was honored to receive a request to share “With What They Died For”, a new song I had written on the KATV Veteran’s Day Program. The song asks a very tough question; “Are you proud of what you’ve done with what they died for?”

I am HUGE on personal accountability. I will challenge myself and every attendee from the stage. If you would like some great content with a serious challenge, tools to make a change and some fun, that, IS me.

NEW SONG ALERT!!!This is my new song “What Are They Leaving With?” This program is based on this song. It was written about my kids and grandsons but it is now about you also. I am so humbled and grateful to be able to share this message. As I prepare for each presentation, I ask myself the question, what are they leaving with? I want you to leave with lessons that will help you in all aspects of your life.

This is my new song that honors our military, fire and police departments, “With What They Died For”.


NOTE: Both are now available on iTunes.

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Check out the information on my book, “If Your Baby Could Talk…Would You Listen? A Baby’s Thoughts On Raising Good Parents.” Even though I wrote this book in 2008, it deals with the seeds we sow. It applies to my current presentation.

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