Leading Like You Own It

Why We Never Wax A Rental Car!

On-Site Leadership Development Program

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Q. My results are not where they need to be. What should I do?
Q. We are having problems with our customer service. What are your suggestions?
Q. Our employee morale is low and our turnover is high. What could be the cause?
Q. We are wanting to establish a culture at our company. What is the best overall culture to positively influence results, customer service and morale? 

A. Increase Education, Engagement and Accountability.

There are many Leadership Buzzwords; Culture and Ownership quickly come to mind. Some buzzwords like Empowered have been replaced by Trust. These are clever, great talking points and make great content for books and wall posters. However; their greatest use is to assist in the achievement of Results.

Results are the only thing that can create the greatest adjective to describe your business; Open! New buzzwords will NEVER replace the importance of Results. 

Results is the original Leadership Buzzword. Every problem surrounding Results can be traced back to a lack of Education, Engagement and/or Accountability. Whatever the leadership question; Education, Engagement and Accountability is the answer.

“Leading Like You Own It – Why We Never Wax A Rental Car!” is an educational, encouraging, interactive leadership development exercise. It uses real life examples to cover how Education, Engagement and Accountability can solve EVERY problem with Results, Customer Service and Morale.

It has been presented to thousands across the country at annual conferences and local monthly meetings with positive feedback. Our goal is to add affordable ROI to your next meeting or conference.

Overall Goal and Learning Objectives:

This session will provide leaders;

  1. A simple method, (Two, One, Zero), to perform a quick audit of themselves and their team.
  2. Real life, interactive examples, tools and knowledge to correct any issues with quality, productivity, safety, attendance, customer service and morale.
  3. In depth examples of the benefits of Education, Engagement, Accountability, Culture, Ownership And Trust.
  4. Numerous examples that will encourage attendees to ask what can I (We); Stop? Start? Improve? Repeat? 

Conducted By: Greg Gilbert – Author Of: “Leading Like You Own It!”

Many of the lessons will be from my leadership book, “Leading Like You Own It – Why We Never Wax A Rental Car” available at Amazon.

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