Lean Towards The Write!

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Last night Sandy and I stopped in at Khalils for the monthly gathering of the Central Arkansas songwriters. They gather every first Monday unless there is a holiday.

There were 12 songwriters sharing their original songs and the story behind the song. I love hearing the inspirations and how it led to the song. Many songs were started years ago and recently finished. I can relate because I can point to the inspiration behind every song or poem I’ve written.

One song was a product of a letter found in a grandmother’s trunk. She had just lost her 41 year old husband. One song was inspired by a date asking a policewoman if she could smoke some weed.

One song was inspired by a daughter becoming engaged and telling her dad, “this is the end of the beginning of our love.” There was a song inspired by a grandpaw and one by the white oak trees on an old home place. One song was “I Want To Love, Like He Loved Me.” This song was about how the Lord loves us.

I write to make this point;

If you have ever had the urge or inspiration to create content, write songs, poetry, blog or a book; do it. You never know who needs to hear your thoughts and message.

I caution you to not write to point fingers, correct or change others. Trust me, this doesn’t work. Let your words plant seeds of inspiration, encouragement and entertainment. We all need this.

You may never receive a dime in payment for your message. We all dream of writing the award winning song, poem, book, blog or article. We may dream of mailbox money but let me share what you can’t measure in dollars. “Thank you for writing that song,” “thank you for honoring my son with that song,” an appreciative note, email or a hug with tears streaming down both of your cheeks can NOT be measured in dollars.

Don’t write it for the money, write for the meaning. Write so you will be remembered as kind, loving and funny instead of angry and bitter. Don’t use your writing and content creation to change others, use it to change yourself. Osmosis will handle the rest.

Greg Gilbert

P.S. For three hours I did not give one second of my thoughts or energy to the crap (excuse my language) that is going on in this country. I left with the most peaceful feeling with a rejuvenated sense of purpose but that will be content for another blog.

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He is the author of “The Power Of Better Series – Volume I – Leading Like You Own It! Why We Never Wax A Rental Car.”  and his PDF (Personal Development Fiction) book 50 Days Of Hay – A Life Changing Summer. He is committed to improving results through increased Education, Engagement and Accountability.

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