Life Insurance Customers

Life insurance can be very confusing if not explained correctly and simply. Two of our customers explained life insurance very clearly;

  • “I want the ones I love to be able to stay where I put them.” 
  • “I bought life insurance because of my dad. My mom said she wished she could dig him up and slap him for leaving her in such sad financial shape. He could’ve bought a nice life insurance policy for half of what he spent on beer, whiskey, cigarettes and gambling.”

Life Insurance depends on our priorities and what we consider Non-Negotiable in our budget.

“Most will say their family is the most important thing in their life. However; their house, car, truck, bass boat and camper are much better insured against catastrophe than the financial future of their family. Life Insurance is really more about your priorities than your budget. We all choose which expenses are above or below a Non-Negotiable line.” – Greg Gilbert

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Since we are in the insurance business, our first obligations as Insurance Coaches is to assist our customers in meeting their goals. Our company mails millions of letters to individuals that have;

  • Bought a home.
  • Refinanced their home.
  • Gotten married.
  • Had a child.
  • Turned 65 years old.

Those events change our financial goals. The need for Financial Margin and our responsibilities change immediately. If there is a death in the family, there will be a NEED to;

  • Pay $10,000 for a funeral. 
  • Pay your mortgage off or for an extended period. (This keeps family members from leaving the funeral to begin packing boxes.)
  • Cover the loss of income if needed. This could be a loss of wages or salary, loss of a pension, loss or reduction of social security. 
  • All of the above.

Unless there are enough liquid assets in savings or investments, you have a problem. Life Insurance is the quickest method to meet these responsibilities and solve this problem. We currently have over 15 major carriers such as Mutual Of Omaha, Foresters, CF&G and Transamerica to assist you in meeting these responsibilities and solving this problem.

What is your plan? Do you have a plan? Do you want help with a plan? Our products such as Annuities, Tax Free Retirement, Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection and Life Insurance help plan for LIFE and DEATH.

Financial Margin LATER is the difference in;

  • A funeral paid for with savings, liquid investments, Life Insurance OR a go fund me account, bake sale, fish fry or family members.
  • A family remaining in their home after a death in the family OR leaving the funeral home to pack boxes.
  • A family maintaining their standard of living after a death in the family OR a drastic deterioration in lifestyle due to a loss of income.
  • Protecting your savings OR risking your savings.
  • Taking care of your business OR not.

IIDY, If I Died Yesterday, this would be my Financial Eulogy; 

_______________ died yesterday. Their funeral was paid for by (circle one);

A Go Fund Me Account

Fish Fry

Bake Sale

Their checking account

Their savings account

Liquid investments

A fire sale of non-paid for assets

A fire sale of paid for assets

Pre-paid funeral

Life Insurance.


Upon their death, there was a monthly loss of income of ____________A.

Financial assets of ________B in savings, ________C in liquid assets, and ________D in life insurance  will allow the family to maintain their standard of living for; (Circle one)

 __________ months (B+C+D÷A) OR no one is dependent on loss of income.

That is your Financial Margin if you died yesterday. What is your Financial Margin today?


Monthly Income__$5000_____________E

Monthly Expenses__$4500____________F

Financial Margin = $5000 ÷ $4500 X 100 – 100=11% Financial Margin.

What is your Financial Margin today?________________

Money Facts To Ponder: 

  • A 60 year old non smoking male with $40,000 earmarked for kids or grandkids could turn that into a tax free, non probated $72,497 with a single pay insurance policy. (Nearly doubling the value.)
  • Investments can, 1. Go Up, 2. Stay The Same or 3. Go Down In Value. Annuities and Index Universal Life (Tax Free Retirement) can eliminate #3 as a possibility.
  • If you think the stock market is a good investment, go to a publicly traded bank, (Ex. Bank Of America) and ask to borrow $100,000 to buy their stock. Good luck.

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At Margin Financial Group, our goal is to take immediate steps in improving your Financial Margin through products such as Increasing your income, Mortgage Insurance, Final Expense, Life Insurance, Tax Free Retirement and Annuities. We work with National Agents Alliance out of North Carolina. Our agents represent over 15 major carriers such as Mutual Of Omaha, Foresters, CF&G, Transamerica and many more.

At Margin Financial Group, we know three truths about every one of us;

  1. We WILL die.
  2. We have a budget.
  3. When we die, the family will Financially Progress, Regress or Remain the same.

Through our insurance products and well known carriers such as Mutual Of Omaha, Transamerica, Foresters, CF&G and many others, we will do our best to help every family improve their Financial Margin.

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