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Some of you have joined me over the years as I shared leadership lessons and “Mr. HR With A Guitar” from St. Louis to San Antonio, Boston to Biloxi and Paris, TX to Pennsylvania. Some have joined me through my books at  Thank you for trusting me with your time. The more candles I put on my cake, time becomes even more precious.  That is why in 2016, I began a new chapter in my life.

I have spoken to hundreds of audiences and thousands of attendees about the principles of leadership. In 1978, an attorney scared me when he said, “If it’s not written, it did not occur.” I began journaling immediately. I recorded the ah ha and the oh crap moments of my life and what led to each. I recorded the successes and failures I witnessed over decades of leadership, Human Resources and life. The material in my presentations and books came from those real life experiences.

I’ve been privileged to share these lessons with thousands. The feedback kept me doing it but one of my slides and 72 attendees convinced me it was time for a change. This is the slide;

I had no way to measure if I was making a difference. I wasn’t willing to fall for the overused motivational speaker starfish story of “I made a difference to that one.” (Google it if you haven’t heard it. It’s good the first time but gets old after the 50th speaker tells the same story.) The only thing I could measure was the number of attendees. Over the years, I was fortunate enough to share the lessons of great leaders and mentors in my life to over 7,300 people. Here is how 72 people convinced me that it was time to do something different.

I was speaking at a three day conference that was attended by 80 leaders from all over a particular state. I had them for only 90 minutes and there were many speakers that could help them become “Better” in their jobs. I heard a few of the speakers and took notes from the other speakers. I watched the crowd. I counted only eight attendees taking notes at any given time during the time I watched and listened. The others didn’t even have pen and paper or an electronic device to be able to take notes.

When I spoke, it was no different; the same eight took notes. It’s not that I have earth shattering leadership news but I promise, I shared lessons that could improve their quality, quantity, safety, moral and attendance if taken home and applied.

I called them on it. I challenged each one to return to work and show their manager what it cost in transportation, meals, salary and conference fees to attend the three day seminar. I then challenged them to show their manager how they would return that investment just two times. Not 10X, just 2X. I have the utmost confidence that did not occur. It would’ve been much cheaper for those companies to keep those managers on the job because NOTHING WOULD CHANGE for most of them.

“I’m still the same old me” is a line from a country song. It should NOT be our personal mission statement.

A few months before this event, I began studying to take my Life and Health Insurance exam. I’ve had an interest in life insurance because I have seen the benefit a few times in my own family. I knew it could be measured. I knew if I did a good job, someone would use what I provided and eventually someone would benefit. It could be decades after we sat at a kitchen table and I may not even be here to see the impact When I walked off that stage in St. Louis that day, I knew what I wanted to pursue. I wanted something I could measure. That brings us here.

This sign even made me feel better about what I was doing. I was curious about what I could accomplish and I joined a company that had a list of over 130,000 customers nationwide that were wanting to be served by major carriers. That allowed me to measure my impact and clarify my purpose.

Let me put you at ease. I’m not trying to convince you to sell or buy insurance although we are hiring. I need help getting to those 130,000 potential customers. We will split them; 65,000 each.

I named my company Margin Financial Group. Our Mission Statement is; “Offering Peace Of Mind And Bigger Memories.” I’m very familiar with compensation plans because of my HR background and I know that wages have not kept up with expenses. The salary increases I experienced in the 80’s and 90’s are a thing of..well..the 80’s and 90’s.

Many families have little or no MARGIN between their income and their expenses and there are only two ways to change that; cut expenses and/or increase income. Life insurance will increase Margin in the case of a death but increases expenses immediately. We must have the Margin to plan for the unplanned. Life insurance is more about priorities than a budget. The insured will never benefit from life insurance. It is a very unselfish act because they never see the harvest from their seeds. That is where some of the Peace Of Mind comes in.

The rest of the Peace of Mind and the Bigger Memories come in NOW instead of LATER. I want to help people increase their Margin NOW. It starts with the slide above; “What Matters Is Measured.” The first thing we must do is answer this question; “What is my margin?” The next question is; “Who has my margin?” More detail is covered on the webpage

I want more families to have Bigger Memories like this;

I want more memories like that.

This blog and upcoming podcast will address short ideas (much shorter than this blog)  that we can all use to increase margin in our life. Margin does not only exist in our finances. It exists in our vocations, relationships, marriages and our health.

I can remember the first time I heard one of my HR buddies say; “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.” It was funny and the entire room laughed but it is NOT the way I want to live my life. I don’t want my life to be like a self imposed haunted house. The more candles on my cake, the less I like surprises.

I hope you stay with me for this ride because I believe we can all make a difference in our families by changing just a few things. As I’ve said from the stage hundreds of times; “My job as a speaker is not to tell you what to do. Most of the time you know what to do. My job as a speaker is to inspire and encourage you to ask yourself four questions;

  1. What can I stop?
  2. What can I start?
  3. What can I improve?
  4. What can I repeat?

That will remain my job as a speaker, writer, Online Radio Host and Insurance Consultant. My goal is to increase my Financial Margin to 100%. That means my expenses are half of my income. Join me on the journey. Let me know of your successes AND your BIGGER MEMORIES when they occur. I can’t wait to hear from you. If you know others that could use a Big Ol’ Slice Of Margin, tell them about us. Just send them to

Greg Gilbert

We will not bombard you will emails or sales. We want you to receive items that will help you obtain Peace Of Mind And Bigger memories. We also want to hear your success stories of implementing changes that increased Margin in YOUR Life.

We want you to be able to answer the question;

Who Has My Margin?

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