The New Leader Advantage™
For Leaders Promoted In The Last Two Years.

Helping New Leaders move quickly from Stressed, Overwhelmed and Maintaining to Comfortable, Confident and Improving.™

Most promotions take place because we are good at what we do. We are good at producing results with OUR hands and OUR mind. Once promoted, we must produce the same results through the hands and minds of others. This requires different tools.

New Leader Advantage partners with your existing leadership development program to insure you have the tools and knowledge to positively impact the lives and livelihoods of others.

When there is a promotion from non-management to management or from first to second level manager, there WILL be a learning curve. We will make a difference in your results and morale by adding to your existing Leadership Development and reducing this time frame. Every month we remove from this learning curve adds to your bottom line.  – Greg Gilbert

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“Be able to show what you’re doing to improve your team at any time.”

“Managers manage. Supervisors supervise. True leaders improve.”

“Every team member must;

1. Have the tools and knowledge to be successful.
2. Know the standards for success and where they stand on a regular basis.
3. Be held accountable for meeting these standards.”

“Do these things; even if not asked or required, and you will always be in the top ten percent of leaders throughout your career.”

These are the core principles passed to me in my first leadership position.

New Leader Advantage contains these principles and others acquired through three decades of leadership at different levels, primary Human Resources contact to over 2200 team members and Leadership Coaching experience.

A newly promoted leader deserves EVERY opportunity to continously close the gap between their current performance and their potential. New Leader Advantage adds to your current leadership development program.

“You never spend money on leadership development. It is invested with a huge, long-term ROI.”
– Greg Gilbert – Author of “Leading Like You Own It!”

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Price: $240.00

Q. Why New Leader Advantage?

A. The simple answer; to help newly promoted leaders get better quicker.

There will always be a learning curve between newly promoted and experienced leader. We add to your existing leadership development to reduce this time frame.

I’ve shared my leadership development sessions with thousands across the country. Although I’m appreciative for every attendee, the ones that stand out are the new supervisors and managers.

They stay around after a program. They ask questions. They have pages of notes. They are hungry for information that will help them get better, quicker. They are not cynical. They are not beat down by corporate bureaucracy. They want to know how to handle situations before they occur. They want to make a difference now; not five years down the road.

I see a newly promoted, young, Greg Gilbert in each one of them. I was fortunate enough to have access to great internal and external leadership development. I want that for every New Leader.

A newly promoted person is going through the biggest and most emotionally trying transition of their career.

They transition from producing results with their mind and hands to producing results through the minds and hands of others. This requires a totally different set of tools. They also assume responsibility for a six or seven figure annual payroll and the associated livelihoods.

They deserve every opportunity at success. Most organizations have an internal leadership development program. New Leader Advantage will add to and compliment existing internal leadership development.

New promotions deserve your best AND our best; not your best OR our best. We are not arrogant enough to assume we have all the answers. We work with like-minded companies.

Q. Who is the target audience for the New Leader Advantage?


1. Managers, Supervisors, Foremen, Administrators and lead people promoted within the last two years.

2. Managers, Supervisors, Foremen, Administrators and lead people that want get back to becoming “Brilliant In The Basics.

3. Individuals that would like to be considered for a position of leadership in the future. This membership will provide insight into the different responsibilities of leaders and help with the decision-making process. Leadership is not for everyone.

Q. I have been recently promoted and I would like to join but my company will not pay for the membership. Do you offer discounts if individuals have to pay for the membership?

A. New Leader Advantage is priced where it is easily affordable to companies or individuals. Any lesson could easily have a 10 times ROI on the initial investment. This could be in the form of improved results, morale or reduced liability. 

If your company is unwilling to invest $240 in your Leadership Development, you must ultimately answer this question; “Is it the company’s career or MY career?”

Q. What is included in the annual membership?

accept icon1. An introductory Welcome/Coaching call to explain the program and insure we are covering current issues.
accept icon2. A weekly Leadership Lesson Video. These will be e-mailed on each Tuesday for 26 weeks. You will have lifetime access to the videos. Click HERE to visit our Lesson Warehouse for a sample of the lessons covered.

accept icon3. An autographed copy of my leadership book, “Leading Like You Own It – Why We Never Wax A Rental Car!”

accept icon4. A PDF, key word searchable copy of “Leading Like You Own It – Why We Never Wax A Rental Car!”

accept icon 5. Access to our recommended reading list. These are books we recommend and books recommended by other newly promoted members.

accept icon6. Access to a closed Facebook group where they can interact and network with other newly promoted leaders. (Optional)

accept icon7. Additional emails, blogs and videos on leadership topics of interest. 

accept icon8. A PDF copy of “New Day, New Results” Goal Setting Guide.

accept icon9. Discounted Registration at New Leader Advantage Live Events.

accept icon10. The Kitchen Sink. Yes, everything we can find to help reduce your learning curve. We will hold nothing back. You will receive meaningful lessons from the books we read, podcasts we listen to and the seminars we teach and attend. It is the equivalent of outsourcing some of your reading, listening, watching and attending.


Q. Who is included in the membership?

A. The paid member only. Our weekly lessons also make great manager meeting content.

Our goal is to have the membership part of every promotion. We also know when some of our members become CEOs and write their book, they will mention New Leader Advantage.


Q. What would keep me from sharing the videos and password with our entire organization?

A. Your integrity.

Here is the first leadership lesson. Integrity is the most important leadership trait. It should be brought, not taught. If you’ve been promoted without it, you’ve already slipped through the cracks. A leader without integrity will always make selfish decisions and will put livelihoods in jeopardy.

In fact, if you can even ask this question with a straight face, I have one request. If you have paid, immediately request a refund. I will gladly refund your or your company’s money. When you have changed your heart, feel free to reapply.

“ Managers manage, Supervisors supervise, but true leaders improve! Greg, do these things throughout your career, even if not required, and you will always be in the top ten percent of managers.” DG to a newly promoted Greg Gilbert in 1978. New Leader Mastermind consists of “these things” and other leadership lessons gained through over three decades of Leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching. – Greg Gilbert

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I was very fortunate to have leaders that invested in me with both company and external leadership development sessions. The external sessions allowed me to experience leadership from a different perspective. They complimented the company leadership development program.

The first two years will lay the foundation for a successful leadership career with a Leader – Owner Mindset or a mediocre career as a boss with an employee mindset. The Leader – Owner Mindset makes decisions thinking of the long term impact. The employee mindset is thinking of quitting time. A strong Leadership Foundation will positively impact the company, team members, careers and families.

I wrote the leadership book, “Leading Like You Own It – Why We Never Wax A Rental Car” as a guide for leaders of every level and tenure. However, I also wrote the book with newly promoted supervisors in mind. It is the book I wish I had when first promoted. I’ve shared the leadership messages from this book with thousands across the country.

I want to partner with companies to give every newly promoted supervisor or manager the greatest opportunity at success.

I know these lessons and principles can change lives and careers because they changed mine.

Greg Gilbert

Your Company’s Leadership Development

+ Our New Leader Advantage

= Success For New Leaders

Price: $240.00

One of my first assignments after accepting a new position as Area Manager of Human Resources was to form a committee of all HR Managers within the company. This opportunity to network and tap into the experiences of others proved invaluable in my life and career.

I want every new manager and supervisor to have every opportunity at a successful career and life. This group will provide the opportunity to build a network of education and support that can last a lifetime.

I want to partner with companies and organizations to compliment your existing leadership development program. I want to help develop Professional Managers and Supervisors that are excellent at what they do. I want to help develop Leaders that are proud of their role and the impact they have on results and team members. I want to help get them so good at what they do, their competence is viewed as passion by observers.

I also want to add to the resume of those that are interested in pursuing a career in leadership.


Price: $240.00

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