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Welcome to The Non-Negotiable Life Group. Whether you answered one of our ads, were referred by one of our agents or landed here by SEO, we want to see if we have a solution to a common problem in America today, No Financial Margin.

Problem 1

Many individuals and families have no Financial Margin in their life. Good things occur when there is Margin. Worry, stress and risk occur when there is little or no Margin. Calculating your Monthly Financial Margin is simple. Monthly Income ÷ Monthly Expenses X 100 – 100= Your Monthly Margin.

Financial Margin determines our lifestyle and memories. Financial Margin can change the economy. It allows money to MOVE. It can mean the difference between;

  • Picking up the phone and calling someone to replace your home air conditioner outside unit OR buying fans until you can afford to have it replaced.
  • Your net worth increasing from month to month or decreasing due to interest on debt.
  • Paying someone to replace the transmission in your car OR not driving a car long enough for the transmission to fail OR borrowing a car or bumming rides until you can save $2000.
  • A tent at the lake OR a condo on the beach.
  • Spending 10% flying and 90% fun OR 70% of your vacation driving and 30% having fun on a vacation.
  • One of the Disney Parks OR the closest amusement park.
  • Renting a pontoon boat, ski boat or houseboat OR going swimming at the day use area at the lake.
  • Having your kids go on a toy shopping spree for needy children OR worrying about how you will pay for your own Christmas.

As you can see, Financial Margin affects how you GIVE, LIVE and SAVE whether you make $30,000 or $300,000 a year.

Financial Margin allows us to make more and BIGGER MEMORIES. Click HERE for a Financial Margin Calculator.

Financial Margin is NOT about extravagance. It’s about enjoying life and peace of mind. Each family is different. Financial Margin can be $30, $300, $3,000 or $30,000 extra at the end of the month. It’s about a buffer or cushion between expenses and income. It’s about MARGIN.

Providing for a family today is a problem for many. Traditional incomes have dropped while expenses have increased. Dual income families have become a necessity instead of a choice.

Solution 1

Make more money or cut expenses. Expand or contract. Cutting expenses is limited to our expenses and is a finite number. Increasing our income is limited only by our desire, discipline, commitment and is an infinite number.

Making more money is easy. Serve more customers and solve more problems. That is the ONLY method to increase your value to the marketplace.

It doesn’t matter if it’s;

  • in your current position
  • pursuing your next $10 – $30 hourly position
  • your next salaried position
  • OR if you decide to join us.  

We MUST serve more customers and solve more problems OR wait on next year’s 1-3% Cost Of Living Adjustment.