Thank You Paula Deen For A Great HR Training Opportunity

paula deen

I will withhold my opinions on this fiasco until it is settled. I’ve seen all the comments about, support for and against Ms. Deen. There is ALWAYS more to the story than the general public knows.

In my leadership seminar, one of the items we cover is overreacting when the situation calls for it. Sexual harassment and violence in the workplace are the two examples we cover. Under reacting can be very costly.

I challenge you to read the entire complaint and see what you think. Better yet, mentally put your daughter, wife or mom working in this organization. Again, this has not been settled but use the complaint to look for red flags in your organization. 

Are all the allegations true? I don’t know. If they are fabricated, Ms. Jackson has a brilliant career in front of her as a fiction author or writing scripts for movies. It’s difficult to imagine this caliber of a good ol’ person network existing for this length of time.

Let me throw this out. This isn’t about judging anyone. Ms. Deen has created a hugely successful company based on her name. The companies and organizations that have dropped Ms. Deen are in the business to make money, just like Ms. Deen. They, unlike us, would not make an impulsive decision on dropping or keeping Ms. Deen without a thorough investigation. If she is an asset, she would stay. If she is a liability, she goes. After reading the lawsuit, see if you think Ms. Deen should have made the same consideration of her brother, Bubba. Asset or Liability?

This is not about a word. This is about a total lack of leadership that eventually caught up with this organization….if the complaint is factual. 

The media has chosen to publish the fact that has the potential to polarize our nation. If the facts of the complaint are true, Ms. Deen receives NO support. The way the story has been spun, there are two sides. The media is an expert at this.  

This is one of the greatest training and discussion opportunities I have ever witnessed. Forget whether it is true or not, learn from it and make sure none of these complaints could come from your organization.

Attention managers, supervisors and HR managers. Read this complaint closely and make sure none of these red flags are flying in your organization. Take immediate action.

Just think, ignoring a:

  • “Oh, that’s just the way they are, just ignore them”
  • “What are we going to do, fire them? They have been here xx years”
  • or “The boss is their brother.” 

could be the beginning of your business implosion.

Visit our latest podcast, Lack Of Leadership Lessons From The Paula Deen Implosion

This podcast is great for leaders to cover the content of this complaint, pause and discuss. MAKE SURE these red flags are not flying in your organization.

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