I’ve always been good at poetry and lyrics. It wasn’t until God placed a guy named Perry Buster in my life that I began to put music with my words. Perry had me making noise that sounded like music very quickly. I’ve had fun with the songwriting, “Momma Don’t Cook On Days That End In Y,” “Mr. HR With A Guitar” and I’ve gotten serious with it, “What Are They Leaving With?”

I picked up a guitar at 50 years old. We are NEVER too old to learn something new (I passed my Life and Health Insurance exam at 62). I had been playing about two years and was doing a program at at church. A lady asked how long I had been playing guitar and I told her two years. She said she had always wanted to play guitar but she was 60 years old and would be 62 by the time she progressed where I was. I asked her how old she would be in two years if she didn’t begin playing guitar?

Time will pass. Our days will end with two containers. One will be labeled, “I’m glad I did” and the other will be labeled “I wish I would’ve.” My hope is that your “I’m glad I did” container is huge and your “I wish I would’ve” container is small.

Thank you for visiting my songwriter page. Below you can access some of my craft. This page has nothing to do with my speaking, coaching or insurance business. However, it does allow you to get to know me if you wanted to hire me as a speaker, coach, join our agency as a Insurance Consultant or purchase a policy to protect your family.

I hope you enjoy. Click the links below;

“What Are They Leaving With?” is a song I wrote about the legacy I’m leaving to my kids and grand kids. 

“With What They Died For” is a song I wrote honoring our military, law enforcement, fire departments and veterans. 

“The Place That I Call Home, Arkansas” is a song that I wrote about my home state, Arkansas.

“A Three Hour Tour” is a song I wrote after a bad experience at a time share presentation.