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As a Leadership Coach and Author who is also a singer/songwriter, I wrote a song a few years ago that has taken on a new meaning. The title of the song is “What Are They Leaving With?” It was written totally about my two daughters and two grandsons. What seeds have I sown in their lives? What legacy will I leave for them?

I hate to say this but I wasn’t even thinking about an audience, reader, keynote or presentation when I wrote the song.

The song has taken on a new meaning. It is now also about my audience and my readers. I am so humbled and grateful to be able to share the leadership and life lessons of great leaders and mentors in my life. Even though I’ve given hundreds of presentations to thousands of attendees, I still prepare for each one. As I prepare, I ask myself that question about my audience; “What Are They Leaving With?” I ask the same question when I write a book or blog.

As a thank you for selecting or even considering me as a speaker for your event or reading one of my books, I would like you to listen and have a copy of the song. Hey, if you have taken the time to visit this page, thank you also. You may need a speaker at some point in the future. 

Ask that question about everyone you interact with. What are they leaving with?

Thank you,

Greg Gilbert
“Mr. HR With A Guitar”

Below is one of the verses, the bridge and the chorus;

My little girl is getting married, I get to walk her down the aisle.

As I wipe away my tears, I look to see her smile.

She says it’s alright daddy, as she gently takes my hand.

You’ve shown me what to look for in a man.

Now life’s so full of questions and here’s one just for me.

Have I been the person, that I’d want my child to be?

What are they leaving with? Do they have a loving home?

Leaving with? Have we shown them right from wrong?

Leaving with? 

When we’re miles and miles apart, there’s a choice to be made,

 and they look inside their heart,

What are they leaving with?


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What Are They Leaving With?


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  • Greg – your multiple talents continue to be expressed – wow! Thanks so much for sharing this warm and tender song – and yes, I agree it has many applications. Thanks for sharing “life” with us here at Coaching with Excellence. We appreciate your contributions.