The Top Ten Reasons To Use The Resources Of Unwilling To Settle Inc

Top 10 Reasons Unwilling To Settle

The Top Ten reasons you should consider using the resources of Unwilling To Settle Inc. 

#10. Free resources such as our  Business Blog,  On Demand Radio Programs, Recommended Reading List  and our Culture – Opinions & Tips provide great discussion and development topics for manager meetings. They are also an avenue for you to get to know, like and trust us. You will then become a Partner and say These Things about us. 

#9. Our content is not the regurgitation of someone else’s content or the latest and loudest trendy business book. It is based on personally witnessed successes, failures and the actions or inactions that led to each with thousands of team members.. 

#8. You should never be satisfied with your current results or morale. No one is placed in a position of leadership to “help keep results and morale just as they are.” Improvement is the beginning of growth and the preservation of livelihoods. Every leader should be able to answer the Unwilling To Settle Test Question at any time: “What has improved in your organization in the past year as a direct result of your actions?”

#7. We come to your location to minimize expense and time away from the job for your leadership team. 

#6. The total cost of any keynote, workshop or seminar we offer is much less than the cost of one unaddressed poor performer on your results and morale. 

#5. The only method of improving results and morale is increasing Education, Engagement or Accountability. We provide Education and tools for you to increase the other two. Unless we do something different, we are as good as we will ever be. If there is no history of communication, praise, performance improvement plans, discipline and the occasional  termination, there is no improvement. 

#4. We are not so arrogant to believe that we are the know all, fix all so neither should your internal training team. We all bring something to the table.  We have personally witnessed “We do our own training” become a set of blinders and prevent the infusion of new, different and sometimes better ideas. 

#3. Nothing will ever replace getting back to “Being Brilliant In The Basics.”

#2. Because of the extremely reluctant, skeptical HR managers that have attended our seminars at the urging of their managers. These have quickly realized the value of the sessions. Discussions of future seminars for their organization normally take place at the first break.

And the number one reason to give your leadership team an opportunity at an Unwilling To Settle keynote, workshop or seminar;

#1. To protect livelihoods. Leaders have an obligation and responsibility to grow and develop team members; NOT distribute tasks and put out fires. Customers and sustainability are never retained through mediocre customer service. Employment should be never be retained through mediocre performance. Many organizations downsize, cut back and close under the guise of the “economy” because that sounds better than “poor leadership.” 

What are some of the items you look for when researching leadership development for your team?

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Greg Gilbert conducts Manager Meeting Keynotes titled “Becoming A Top 10% Manager” for manager meetings and training. “Mr. HR With A Guitar” also adds to these programs with content and humor. He has also created and conducts an On-Site seminars for all tenures of Supervisors and Managers around the country. He is developing professional managers and supervisors through the basics of Education, Engagement and Accountability.

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