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“As a songwriter/author/avid reader/listener I pick up on many things. I am a big fan of keeping a journal. This is where I will share some of my short thoughts and quotes. I can really get to know someone by just listening and watching. This page is truly what we believe. It is our culture and opinions.

We will post one of these to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. You are more than welcome to print these out and hand to a friend or leader in need.” – Greg Gilbert



Wow! This one appeared on LinkedIn one day. Not an original but applies in Leadership AND Life!

loyal person


Sunrise thoughts Consumer 1

workplace drama

sign 1 experience

sign 2 high on trust

sign 3 cut copy paste

sign 4 magic pill

sign 5 judgement

sign 6 addictions or ambitions

sign 7 don't succeed

sign 8 10 percent leaders

sign 9 Shetland pony

sign 22 Excuses from the budget

sign 10 experience vs. EEA

sign 11 engagement is the key

sign 12 variety-goals-spice

sign 13 blame

sign 14 what are you doing to improve

sign 15 whine moan complain

sign 16 conflict avoidance

sign 17 driftwood

sign 18 can and should

sign 19 goals opinions

sign 20 path to the top

sign 21 personal development

sign 22 Excuses from the budget


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